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I'm connected to the internet wirelessly through an airport extreme (the older UFO, 802.11g kind) and I find my internet access is commonly temporarily "stopping". One computer is hooked directly into the airport, and one is connected wirelessly. The airport is then plugged into a modem, that itself plugs into the phone line (at&t dsl). Sometimes my airport status in the menu bar lists itself as "disconnecting" then will reconnect after 20 or so seconds. Other times...
As seen in the following screenshot I have a computer on my airport network showing up twice -- kinda. The top two computers work exactly as you would expect them to. The third computer however is listed as a generic PC server. I can't connect to it, and it's name is the same as the top computer's (the G4's) MAC address. Somehow it would seem my G4 is listed twice, once properly, and once listed under it's own MAC address and non-functional. Anyone have any...
I'm having a somewhat odd problem (aren't we all). My internet connection has recently... slowed to crawl. However, only when browsing using Safari, Firefox, Camino or any other browser. Testing my connection (via sites such as broadbandreports.com) reports normal speeds. It takes forever to load these speed test sites, but the actual test goes along just fine. Along the same lines I can download files from the internet (assuming I can get them started) just fine. I can...
I'm assuming you mean that my 5200 won't work either?
I have a GeForce FX 5200 Ultra in my 1.6 G5, and was wondering if it would work in my dual 1.0 Mirrored Drive door G4. 10.4.6 Simply question I guess... but I searched the web and couldn't find anything. Any help would be appreciated
[Edit: Apple Works != iWorks]
Ah yes, should have thought of that. Thanks for the help.
I don't remember changing anything, but perhaps I did. This used to not happen... Anyone know what could be causing this outer blur rim around buttons? Its slightly annoying.
The "cheesy wipes" are kind of a Star Wars hallmark at this point though, clearly seen in even episodes IV, V, and VI. Not to say they aren't "cheesy", but they're nothing new in the Star Wars universe.
When attempting to set permissions after installing 10.4 (archive install, from 10.3.9, G5) I get this... Which needless to say is rather disconcerting. Even when selecting "other" and choosing myself it doesn't "stick". And I've already tried repair permissions, no dice.
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