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She's pretty.
Asking for support is asking to be lazy, and stupid?? (Well, after 91 days, before 91 days it's okay, I guess.)   Good source of income? Apple gets PLENTY of income, and I know some of it is because they offer support. This will test that, because 91 days into buying your $199 iPod i'll cost you 10% of the device cost to ask a question about it.   If Apple upped the 90 day phone support limit to 1 year, then after 1 year charged it'd be a more reasonable (but not...
Apple should consider going to free support, this is just petty.
8GB is not enough for a modern smartphone, they should not do this.
By start over I think they mean copy large portions of the better idea, then start to iterate furiously to avoid litigation.
"What they're saying is, in the market, justice is just us." ? Scumbags.
First, I used a 5s and a 5 - see new and older hardware. See??  I used a 5s and a 5. The 5s is NEW. The 5 is old. To sum up: 5 is older, 5s is newer. Second - I didn't come a conclusion - I said I have a theory - one only based on my experience - one that I'm sharing here, with wonderful people like you. Third, I don't like your post. (Sorry for being so harsh.)
Why don't you read the post and decide for yourself??
Before people accuse me of being anti-Apple, or crazy, (or both) let me provide my bona-fides. Mac owner since 1993. I've had every iPhone from the original to the 5s (no 5c.) I'm an Apple fan, a Mac guy, ad an iPhone owner. Search for my previous posts here. I think this has to do with iOS 7. (I don't have an iOS 6 device to compare it against.)   I did this on my 5s, once with my finger, and once with a tablet touch pen that I use when testing application on the...
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