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worng ost, edit
The assistant was Charlyne Yi.
Matt Walsh from the Upright Citizen's Brigade was the angel investor.
Creeps be creepy
Now I don't have the latest MacBook Pro
Whats bad about this is if you want to test an application on an older version of the software you have to remember to never upgrade the device.   Now that iOS 8 has 80%+ penetration it means that there's still 18% running 7. I'd be very nice to be able to switch back and forth on the same device. because if you're just starting today you can't buy a device with iOS 7 on it new, you have to troll around eBay and Craigslist.
Also got my shipping notification and tracking number for 38mm blue sport.   UPS.   Arrives tomorrow.
Mine's Preparing For Shipment now. Was In Process earlier today.
There it is - you disagree that colluding to suppress wages isn't harmful. The companies tried the argument - then they lost. (Settled.) If it went to trial I contend they it would have been proven. Doesn't need to be now because a settlement has been agreed to. 
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