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It was *ACTUALLY* in only 4 theaters. That posted was not joking.
>iPhone 6 Unlocked 64GB: $462.75   Way better than Gazelle, I' trading it in with them.   Thanks for this guide!
I have a 15GB a month plan that has rollover data.  So I usually have more than 22GB available at any time.   In addition I get Hotspot capabilities AND I pay $25 less a month for the line.   Look into switching to the 15GB a month with rollover and you'll save money.   And if you go over your limit you can buy more data - you can never pay ATT to stop throttling you. 
And you can't cancel during the trial period either!    To be clear: I'm not passing judgement on the service, it's just weird they don't allow you to stop participating when you want to, and instead you have to wait it out.
So stupid, they should allow downgrading, even to 8 and to 7. Just pop up 2 warnings or soemthing.
worng ost, edit
The assistant was Charlyne Yi.
Matt Walsh from the Upright Citizen's Brigade was the angel investor.
Creeps be creepy
Now I don't have the latest MacBook Pro
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