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So glad they added elevation tracking.
Some 2014 Manual went up - but not the User Guide:   http://support.apple.com/manuals/#macmini
As a subscriber I kinda don''t want this to happen.
I got a Spigen Air Cushion Hybrid case from Amazon for $10 dollars that's great on my iPhone 6. The opening on the lightning port is also big enough to use my non-Apple (but MFi) cables. 
I like Kayne, but he's wrong on this one.
WWDC is a developer conference - I don't see what having them onstage, even at the consumer facing keynote,  would accomplish.
This makes me believe it even less.
She's pretty.
Asking for support is asking to be lazy, and stupid?? (Well, after 91 days, before 91 days it's okay, I guess.)   Good source of income? Apple gets PLENTY of income, and I know some of it is because they offer support. This will test that, because 91 days into buying your $199 iPod i'll cost you 10% of the device cost to ask a question about it.   If Apple upped the 90 day phone support limit to 1 year, then after 1 year charged it'd be a more reasonable (but not...
Apple should consider going to free support, this is just petty.
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