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By start over I think they mean copy large portions of the better idea, then start to iterate furiously to avoid litigation.
"What they're saying is, in the market, justice is just us." ? Scumbags.
First, I used a 5s and a 5 - see new and older hardware. See??  I used a 5s and a 5. The 5s is NEW. The 5 is old. To sum up: 5 is older, 5s is newer. Second - I didn't come a conclusion - I said I have a theory - one only based on my experience - one that I'm sharing here, with wonderful people like you. Third, I don't like your post. (Sorry for being so harsh.)
Why don't you read the post and decide for yourself??
Before people accuse me of being anti-Apple, or crazy, (or both) let me provide my bona-fides. Mac owner since 1993. I've had every iPhone from the original to the 5s (no 5c.) I'm an Apple fan, a Mac guy, ad an iPhone owner. Search for my previous posts here. I think this has to do with iOS 7. (I don't have an iOS 6 device to compare it against.)   I did this on my 5s, once with my finger, and once with a tablet touch pen that I use when testing application on the...
I definitely have this issue, I've noticed in on 2 different iPhone 5s's. The apps I used the most have placed their buttons (text) in bad locations. The Music apps "Now Playing" and "Back to List." The Nike Running app's "Run" button. Instacast's "Resume playing full screen" and "Play episode" buttons. Very annoying.
Thanks for pointing these out, I'm trying Argus and Pedometer now.
Breaks functionality? For who, people not authorized to use it?   I had the same problem with a bank vault breaking the functionality of a pile of cash I wanted to get to.
>Apple did the exact same thing but more cleverly with I'm a Mac. I'm a PC.   No, they did not.   Apple attacked a PRODUCT in their ads, Samsung attacked USERS of products.   Apple says: PCs computers aren't good. Samsung says: iPhone USERS aren't good.   Microsoft is doing what Apple did - just much less successfully.
New Posts  All Forums: