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> His expectations for tax reform include around 25% US Corporate Tax rate and single digit repatriation tax rate.   Apple is dead wrong about this. Greedy. (Remember, as much as we love the products that they are ruthless as a business.)
>I always get into this argument with people that have 10+ old software and then complain when their software doesn't work well with a newest version of something. >Sorry, either stay current (and unfortunately feed the machine) or roll the dice and hope your stuff still works down the road.   I don't think you actually work with real businesses. 10 year old software arguments? Try 2 year old software. Small businesses don't spend thousands of dollars on upgrades...
A few more things: It's $600 a year for the suite??? $49.99 a month.   How will pre-press shops use this? I know many shops that keep older version of Photoshop and even Quark around to match what their clients are using exactly.   What happens if I make a very complex Illustrator file using the cloud and then the cloud "updates" the software version and the next time I open it my file doesn't render in the same manner. This is a real concern - if you can't...
> If you need Adobe products, you opt in. If not you don't. No one is holding a gun to your head.    Clearly a gun-to-your-head is the most apt analogy to why people might be upset.   And Adobe no longer makes a product- they now offer a service.   A service you can never own - so let's say in three years they want to increase the fee to $60,000 a year - people might be upset. And then you'd say "Well, they didn't put a gun to your head."   Right now if...
So it'll be BIGGER and CHEAPER. Does that mean it'll have to be slower and heavier? There are trade offs.
>Likewise, searching for our Hotel Lafayette locally in San Diego CA, Google found the Lafayette Hotel I was looking for, while Apple Maps took me to the Courtyard by Marriott in Lafayette, Indiana. So, you type in incorrect data and blame the computer for not figuring out for you??
Not working for iPhone 5 in San Diego with grandfathered unlimited data. (No carrier update available, power cycled twice.)   Maybe they're rolling it out in waves?
Where is there a real street named "15st"? Don't you mean "15th ST"?   And what happens when you include a city? You think that'd help a little?????
Why not test happens if you put in properly formatted addresses like   "315 E 15th St New York, NY 10003"   If you put in a good address iOS Maps finds it.   The map issues peopleare having seem to be a combination of Search results issues (local search when you don't enter in a city name, or a zip code), landmarks, and POIs, but I haven't see an issue yet where a real address entered with the city is wildly off.   I'll concede  that right now Google...
Almost every example I've seen of "bad directions" or "mislabeled locations" is from a search of a business name or POI.   But I haven't seen examples of typing in an address, like "123 Main St, San Diego" having the same issues. (If your country/city be absent from the maps you'll have an issue, I know.)   Is there any data on this?   Or are people just used to searching by business name or instead of searching by address?
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