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Where is there a real street named "15st"? Don't you mean "15th ST"?   And what happens when you include a city? You think that'd help a little?????
Why not test happens if you put in properly formatted addresses like   "315 E 15th St New York, NY 10003"   If you put in a good address iOS Maps finds it.   The map issues peopleare having seem to be a combination of Search results issues (local search when you don't enter in a city name, or a zip code), landmarks, and POIs, but I haven't see an issue yet where a real address entered with the city is wildly off.   I'll concede  that right now Google...
Almost every example I've seen of "bad directions" or "mislabeled locations" is from a search of a business name or POI.   But I haven't seen examples of typing in an address, like "123 Main St, San Diego" having the same issues. (If your country/city be absent from the maps you'll have an issue, I know.)   Is there any data on this?   Or are people just used to searching by business name or instead of searching by address?
I'll wait for the $29 dollar tablet.
I did it and my phone say it's unlocked - but I still want to know the process on how this works.  
Anyone know how the people on ebay such as "mobilehotshots" can unlock your phone? (With no hardware, changes no simcard, entirely over the net.)   Here's an example listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Factory-Unlock-Code-Service-for-AT-T-USA-Apple-iPhone-3-3G-3GS-4G-4S-Permanent-/221116379439?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item337b90312f  (There's lots of other sellers on eBay you can search for, I have no affiliation with any of them. Don't take this link as an...
I don't want/need 4g LTE because of my data plan limits.   It's like getting a hose capable delivering a gallon of water a second and only having two gallons a water a month to use.   Plus, other than map data and podcasts I don't download much data onto my phone (again, because of the monthly limits.)
That's right - when someone your close with copies your work and profits from it - just ignore it and keep moving forward.   Great advice.  
I completely agree with this .
Apple's case is over.   Samsung will now present their counter-suit.
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