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Bob Dylan appear on Pawn Star's - that's pretty "low" in stooping terms http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVZEp70Fie4   Hawkings done commercials too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be9GLngXyw0
Love it.   The first draft of the commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tiHTm6nBUw  (Language is NSFW)
Why is this considered "pricey."   A base model MacBook Pro last week with the high res screen, 8GB ram and a 256 SSD would have cost a few hundred more.   It's "pricey" only if you compare it against another prodcut line.   In other news a new BMW 850 is pricey comapred to a BMW 325.   Also, oranges are pricey compared to apple.  
Shows just how made up the idea of stock trading is
I just cancelled my AT&T 16GB preorder and placed an order for the Verizon 16GB. Looks like I'll get it on the same day AND it'll have the Hotspot feature. (Thank goodness for credit cards.)
Here's the issue: Netflix quality IS good enough for YOU. (And most of my friends.) But it IS low quality, compressed, and looks bad *TO ME*. Apple's probably going to aim for your market - not for mine. Unless they produce something better than the sum of a middle of the road TV + the functionality of Apple TV in one box then the product probably isn't for me. If they stream 1080P Bluray quality (40Mbit/s vs. iTunes 4Mbit/s vs Netflix's 5 Mbit/s.) Let's not forget Doby...
The Samsung 8000 LCD series is a wonderful TV. Only Sony's XBR HX929 series comes close. As for quality - a Bluray player hooked to either of those will be very hard to beat. But since most of the people I know can't really tell the quality of a TV or the programming - a decent Apple monitor with a good panel and content that is better looking than 85% of the Netflix streaming titles quality will be more than enough for them. Apple has a good shot at the mid-level TV...
I LIKE the coupons at JCP. When you combine the right coupon with the right sale the clothes are very very cheap.
Like the Harmony Remotes , but on a touchscreen with some form of device detection? Harmony Link does a lot of this now.
A friend recently got a job at Target and they pretty much said that the union training there was exactly as you described.
New Posts  All Forums: