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Here's the issue: Netflix quality IS good enough for YOU. (And most of my friends.) But it IS low quality, compressed, and looks bad *TO ME*. Apple's probably going to aim for your market - not for mine. Unless they produce something better than the sum of a middle of the road TV + the functionality of Apple TV in one box then the product probably isn't for me. If they stream 1080P Bluray quality (40Mbit/s vs. iTunes 4Mbit/s vs Netflix's 5 Mbit/s.) Let's not forget Doby...
The Samsung 8000 LCD series is a wonderful TV. Only Sony's XBR HX929 series comes close. As for quality - a Bluray player hooked to either of those will be very hard to beat. But since most of the people I know can't really tell the quality of a TV or the programming - a decent Apple monitor with a good panel and content that is better looking than 85% of the Netflix streaming titles quality will be more than enough for them. Apple has a good shot at the mid-level TV...
I LIKE the coupons at JCP. When you combine the right coupon with the right sale the clothes are very very cheap.
Like the Harmony Remotes , but on a touchscreen with some form of device detection? Harmony Link does a lot of this now.
A friend recently got a job at Target and they pretty much said that the union training there was exactly as you described.
If the new touch had everything the iPhone 4 has, especially the GPS chip then I'd probably get one and get a pay as you go telephone. And if they left the same microphone/earpiece to make using VOIP eaiser - well then - all the better. (I use the GPS chip for navigation apps and for Nike+.)
I hearded that this one guy's Mac blowed up when he trieded to upgrade the computer machine. He had to go buy another one. End verified report.
About 25% of the time when I click a story on the front page to read it in the forum I am filtered by work and I am told that the page links to (or contains a link to): http://webcambait.com/ Any idea why? Do you guys have a web banner or ad to that address?
I'm sure Apple has video of every angle of the store - maybe we can look at it to see what was happening. Coupled with witness testimony it could help us here. And when people say "THUG" and don't preface it with "UNION" - well we know what you really mean.
The business community's INSANE focus on always demanding that PROFIT is up year over year over year is like a Ponzi scheme. Apple is very profitable. Demand for Apple products is still increasing -it's just increasing at a slower rate than it increased last year. This is why you should not look at businessmen as anything other than gamblers and scumbags.
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