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Selling stolen goods? Receiving stolen goods? I like the iPhone - but I know to give it back to the owner if I find it.
Sorry your perceptions and my intentions were different.Let me apologize to your daughters Willow and Bristol, to you, and to your husband Todd. It will do better next post.
1st off: We are not whiners. You perceive us to be that because you are unloving and/or stupid person. (Or do you not like when people call you names?) and 2)Verizon let me upgrade without any penalty 3 times in 2.9 years. I did have to pay for the new equipment, which was not the retail price but the cheaper price (they only showed two prices - not three like AT&T), and each time I had to extend my contract by 1 year. Plus activiation fees. These were not smart phones. I...
For some people it did. And the terms are the same as when I bought it - I can return it for a full refund and the contract extension will not be enforced as long as I don not open it and return it within 14 days. Is that too whiny for you??
That's not true either. I pay more than $99 a month (before taxes) and am not eligible until December. The real reason it's so hard to figure out is - AT&T does not share their upgrade eligibility criteria with consumers. Everyone's best bet is to call AT&T directly and try to figure it our. (Although AT&T will often give contradictory answers if you call more than once.)
Before this gets into a flame war let me state my case: 1)I am returning the phone unopened because i am unhappy with the price That's the whole thing. Why is that so "waaahhh!" to you?
I care. I don't expect them to destroy the phone after I return it unopened. It just doesn't make sense for *me* to pay the extra $200 dollars. I tried to cancel on Apple.com and could not. And I tried calling Apple to cancel and was on hold for 35 minutes before the dropped my call. Or were you implying I thought there was some cosmic significance in my noble actions?? *You're telling us more about yourself than you mean to , me thinks.
My preorder is going to be returned un-opened. Should have included people who bought iPhone 3G in July of last year regardless of the "upgrade eligibility" voodoo. I pay $104 a month and on time and I am still not eligible until 12/12/2009. I pre-ordered one at the premium knowing I could return it before opening it for a full refund - and that's what I'm still planning to do.
. As stated I think the contracts favor AT&T too much - for upgrades cost (125 ETF vs. 200 UPGRADE), for rollover minutes, for minute overage charges. That is my *opinion.* Your opinion differs. Let's agree to disagree. Let's leave it at that.
If you think PayDay loans are a-ok then we shall *never* agree on this issue. Let's agree to disagree and be done with it.
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