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Gurus, the latest mini looks very nice: 1Tb hard drive, with 2.6 GHz processor. I would like to get laser pico projector, like the celluon type. However, celluon need additional 2 cables to be adapted for Mac usage. Anything out there with laser based projector in small size, such as pico pro that readily for Mac mini (I mean 1 cable...). Many thanks for all the help. 1st
true. "open source" is a bit of difficult to control, unless there are true love more than the abuser .... keep fingers acrossed. Thanks.
cool! (new software is always a bit iffy=not exactly know how it will mutated to memory hungry type... hardware is a bit of pie in the sky... once you pay for it, you got stuck for a while - hopefully, the new software is going to be somewhat stay with you... worry all ways it will grow out of favor to your hardware....getting nightmare ... you know what I mean ;-).  Thanks... will see how swift behave...
Really appreciated.  Best regards,                           1st
silver is PC version of swift.    http://elementscompiler.com/elements/silver/ don't have latest Mac, using existing i5 or i7 PC to learn the swift is low cost way to get feet wet and see if it is got hang of it.  If works well in learning stage, the plan is buy an entry level Mac Pro.  Is resource intensive due to some bug that fixed in the later release?  I heard swift crashed i3 processor version of hardware.... If it doesn't need a Mac Pro, all the better.  Many...
Time to ask for the Pro for a Pro question: I know the swift is resource hungry (during programming stage), Does anyone uses the entry level Mac Pro and Swift?  - should be sufficient even with next few update of Swift?  How about Silver and PC with i5 or i7 processor? Is it a sufficient or cheap way to perform similar for a beginner to novice level of swift?  Any recommendation or suggestion are welcome.  many thanks in advance. (Pro Mac will be a step up for 2nd option...
congratulations! it is good to have a single vision on ID (consensus and trade off from team voting just dilute the vision... ). Hopefully, he will bring more unique products to delight the users with both technical and aesthethic attributes. Few can master that (rare can consistantly deliver more than 15 years - peak of human brain activity). Looking forward to his new creation (a new baby? many years of making?;-). Best of wishes. 1st
Got 3 shuffles (2nd gen) and one G4 ii imac. As an engineer, those are the best designed with most function per weight or volume at the time. True master pieces. IMO.
One of my old ipod 2nd generation shuffle corrupted.  I was be able  to pull the MFG reset software from apple website with detail instructions (5Rs).  Download and install using my old 10.4OS was smooth without problem - although 2nd generation shuffle is no longer supported by Apple.  I am impressed.  Many thanks for take care  of your customer.   Hats Off to the support team (from an engineer ;-)  Thanks again.  
interesting about the pricing: Normally, it is based on two key factors: (1) willingness to pay value - your target customer at estimated market size and (2) cost recovery - that including development, marketing, R&D and future platform implementation.  For any mature products, the majority cost already recovered.  To expend the target customer base by lowering price need  to match the new customer needs (it may not be the same as your original target as per design.  ex....
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