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congratulations! it is good to have a single vision on ID (consensus and trade off from team voting just dilute the vision... ). Hopefully, he will bring more unique products to delight the users with both technical and aesthethic attributes. Few can master that (rare can consistantly deliver more than 15 years - peak of human brain activity). Looking forward to his new creation (a new baby? many years of making?;-). Best of wishes. 1st
Got 3 shuffles (2nd gen) and one G4 ii imac. As an engineer, those are the best designed with most function per weight or volume at the time. True master pieces. IMO.
One of my old ipod 2nd generation shuffle corrupted.  I was be able  to pull the MFG reset software from apple website with detail instructions (5Rs).  Download and install using my old 10.4OS was smooth without problem - although 2nd generation shuffle is no longer supported by Apple.  I am impressed.  Many thanks for take care  of your customer.   Hats Off to the support team (from an engineer ;-)  Thanks again.  
interesting about the pricing: Normally, it is based on two key factors: (1) willingness to pay value - your target customer at estimated market size and (2) cost recovery - that including development, marketing, R&D and future platform implementation.  For any mature products, the majority cost already recovered.  To expend the target customer base by lowering price need  to match the new customer needs (it may not be the same as your original target as per design.  ex....
without facing guns, no thieves at night to steal copper, 50 states are piece of cake... http://www.lightreading.com/blog.asp?blog_sectionid=419&doc_id=221379&site=lr_cable
(1) North America and EU are benefit from the dark fibers layout in the Internet bubble days.  No such a luck in other parts of the world. (2) The user profile is different: play virtue pats in the world full of real one may not have that much appeal. (3) $.  Willingness to pay (fork over $) as % of income is rather different on  the otherside.  Not sure how many rich daddy would pay for the kids' data plan.  (a kidney story rings a bell).  (4) compression is key....
[QUOTE=H2P;2052 And notice how Proview worded their willingness to negotiate with "peaceful intentions." That's my understanding on how it's done there. .[/QUOTE] hmmm, "peaceful" =? alternative is=? If Apple won the game of chicken, I would like to call the ipad, l-pad (legal pad, le-pad in french, ;-). Apple can give me $514 (1 share) for the name ;-).
be ware of the difference in legal systems between the two countries. A sure case in US or any western country may not be so sure in China. Particularly, when two different part of China (Taiwan and mainland) involved. it is very muddy situation (the winning of lower court case by the other party already sound the warning sign). Good luck iPad.
well, it appear to be plenty in Bay area... Check job posts in that neck of woods you would find engineers are in high demand. (not sure about marketees or CEOs;-)
(1) my hats off to Ive's. DNA of silver smith comes out with a "gold smith". a true knight indeed. (2) jobs did recognize his talent and utilize it to the full extend. That is something (a diamond in the mud need to be discovered and polished). As for taking credit, nothing new. The Pixar story is the same. Jobs talent is utilize the others to fulfill his goal. Nothing wrong with that. Every business CEO should be the same if they have not yet to do so (what is...
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