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Here is my short list of things that I think need to be added to apple TV in order for it to be a huge success: 1.) Direct access to iTunes store 2.) Free Streaming TV Shows, paid for by adds, but available on demand (much like what the major networks do now on their websites) 3.) Some kind of movie rental scheme
lol, here is another microsoft move, you can't even use the software if you don't have a Zune. way to shut out even more customers.
Problem Solved! You can't use firefox! I tried again in IE and it worked fine! to many exclamation points! gotta love microsoft, an unsupported browser becomes "can't detect OS" yes, there is a download if you just want to try the software, link: http://www.zune.net/en-us/meetzune/software.htm
here, i took a screenshot off the website:
a direct link to the xp download. sorry for not being clear =)
I tried installing the Zune software on windows XP SP2 running under parallels today. here is the error massage i get: "ZuneĀ™ software is unable to detect your operating system." which can be found here: http://www.zune.net/en-US/meetzune/s...etected_OS.htm anyone have a direct link?
maybe your problm is that you listen to justin timberlake and ashley parker angel... lol
just thought you guy's would be interested... yet comppletely off topic http://www1.umn.edu/umnnews/Feature_...s_beaming.html <---- my physics proff is one of the leading scientists. back on topic---> I get the letter preview on my 5G, but no search function. Kind of dissapointing. it wouldn't be a very hard thing to impliment, although it does help apple sell a few more iPods. (lets say mr.x has a 5G that's all scratched up and a load of extra cash, he'd probably get...
I can almost guarentee that iMac's will be getting an update too by the logic of the Mini Shortage story. I ordered my iMac on monday (the 21st) and i just got an email telling me that i'll probably get my iMac on the 12 of september. Thats a twenty three day wait. Granted, I did order it with a gig of RAM and the beefed up graphics card, through my "mac genious" cousin.
well yeah. I would hope for really good quality (maybe 720p), but i would still buy the TV if it just streamed what you already had on your computer. it would be like watching a video in frontrow on a 20" iMac. if Apple does improve the quality of the downloads, i'd expect it to be primarily for the full length movies that will someday be available. even if they don't up the quality of iTMS videos, still worth buying for the frontrow music experience.
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