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LOL Obamacare is GOPCare.. it's entire premise was thought up by the think tank Heritage Foundation, an ultra conservative organization with all the big establishment republicans at its helm. It was the basis for Mitt Romney's healthcare overhaul in Massachusetts which people love and which he boasted about, yet when he was pressed on why he hates Obamacare when it is the exact same thing as his plan but on a national level, he said it should be left to the "states" to...
When is CarPlay coming VW??
"Apple Watch- the most personal device ever.   *that requries your iPhone to be on you at all times."
 More like limited supply/ massive production issues. Even Apple admits that much of the hardware is so difficult to make (most recently the faulty taptic hardware). 
When is iMovie coming out?
It isn't just "one guy." It is a pattern that has been happening for a while now. Apple is leaving creative professionals behind.The Mac Pro was redesigned, but in a more non- pro less expandable way. Even their pro desktops are now becoming cute little prosumer computers.Apple got out of the server market by killing the Server hardware and OS X server,They killed Arpeture.They sacrificed many alliances in the pro videography community when FCPX was released, which proves...
RIP Final Cut Pro. And with it, Apple's Pro market altogether, as Apple becomes a fashion company (Jesus, never thought I would be saying that.. It hurts). Time to start learning other editing applications.
What do being struck by lightning, winning the lottery, dying of car accidents, having a baby born with one eye, and politicians being trustworthy have in common? They're all more likely to happen over you dying of a terrorist attack. Well, except maybe one of them.
Apple palling around with firearms manufacturers? Everything about this story makes me vomit in my mouth a little.
 I used FCP 7 in college back in '04. For a decade I got out of film making and recently started taking it back up again. I took a beginner's class in town on FCP X, and it is such a better application in so many ways! Some of which has nothing to do with Apple but with the advancement of the film industry in general (no more "Log & Capture" from DV tapes, instead import files instantly from a SD card). But it is a much more refined application. Of course I didn't start...
New Posts  All Forums: