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Actually there are some Linux courses offered at some of the community colleges (I live in a medium sized city and there is a network of 4 colleges). One of my IT friends steered me towards Windows Server and said that it would probably be easier to get a career learning that, even though I expressed interest in the beginning of learning Unix/ Linux. I'm only in my first semester (I already have a BA in Media/ Communications and looking to get at least an AS in Computer...
wouldn't 2x domain length for appleinsider be 24, not 12? that's a pretty cool system there. 
I'm currently taking computer science classes and want to become a network admin or network designer. It is encouraging to know that maybe I wouldn't have to rely on Windows Server, but this is currently all that is being taught at my local community college. I would love to learn OS X server.
And what is the alternative? Apple is slowly killing off OS X server hardware and software.
Kinda weird that this article ends with a marketing promotion for T-Mobile. Yeah, let's all sign up for T-Mobile now and get a great deal on an iPhone! 
Anybody with an iPhone 5s notice any slowdown after updating? After installing iOS 7 on my 4s and having it bog it down to the point of it being unusable, I am reluctant to do any major updates any more.
I love the disclaimer at the bottom "Bring your Android phone to an Apple Store and we'll recycle it for you" which is basically code for "toss that pice of sh!t in the trash where it belongs!"
Why would anybody spend laptop prices on a new iPad after seeing 3D touch on the iPhone, knowing it doesn't have it? I think I'll wait til next year's model.
Seeing 3D Touch on the new iPhone and knowing that the new iPad doesn't have it makes the iPad look incredibly outdated, and it's not even in stores yet.
The current features of 3D touch are pretty lackluster, but I am excited to see how this evolves.
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