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Go back to Android you Apple hater!!
Look at all the fools with their stupid phones out. Society is sad.
If you can actually get decent service to watch the video, but with the current unreliable T-Mobile I have in my large metro area, there is no way I could watch more then 5 seconds of video without it buffering. Service has declined noticeably over the past months, where I was getting reliable 4G and LTE coverage (albeit with only 1 bar or sometimes 2), now it is almost always Edge speeds. T-Mobile has a long way to go!
iOS is severely limited and the iPad pro doesn't even have 3D touch! What a waste. Outdated before the day it went on sale.
Adobe. As in mud. Makes perfect sense now.
I wonder if OWC will offer SSDs for the new iMac 27"? They don't currently offer one for the previous 5k retina model.
Has anybody been using iOS 9.0.x on a 5s? I have seen some YouTube videos comparing 8.4 to 9.0 side by side and everything seemed to be more sluggish.. Opening apps, app switching, menus, etc. Except Siri, which was way faster. I'm reluctant to upgrade to iOS 9 and losing that snappy fast feel that I love on my 5s. OS X 10.11 on the other hand made my 2008 MacBook noticeable snappier for tasks like safari and image resizing in Preview.
People go to Microsoft stores because they have to. They go to Apple stores because they want to. It's like going to a Jiffy Lube vs. a brunch restaurant.
Actually there are some Linux courses offered at some of the community colleges (I live in a medium sized city and there is a network of 4 colleges). One of my IT friends steered me towards Windows Server and said that it would probably be easier to get a career learning that, even though I expressed interest in the beginning of learning Unix/ Linux. I'm only in my first semester (I already have a BA in Media/ Communications and looking to get at least an AS in Computer...
wouldn't 2x domain length for appleinsider be 24, not 12? that's a pretty cool system there. 
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