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FM Radio was always a free service and artists were still paid royalties. Good to see Apple do the right thing, even if they have to be coerced, shamed, and manipulated into it.
Bring Back Garamond!
If only our government acted like Apple. I applaud them, they're not rolling over on this one.
So when the hundreds of millions of people with iPhones get the same "alternate routes" tips as you when you're stuck in traffic, what's the point? The traffic will just follow you.
Then we should outlaw car stereos.    And operable windows.    And windshield wipers.   And turn signals.    And stick shifts.   And rear view mirrors. 
I remember Steve Jobs talking about the polycarbonate iBook during the MacWorld 99 keynote as being "the stuff they make bullet proof vests out of." Perhaps they should start making bullet proof vests out of "the stuff they make iPhones out of."
LOL Obamacare is GOPCare.. it's entire premise was thought up by the think tank Heritage Foundation, an ultra conservative organization with all the big establishment republicans at its helm. It was the basis for Mitt Romney's healthcare overhaul in Massachusetts which people love and which he boasted about, yet when he was pressed on why he hates Obamacare when it is the exact same thing as his plan but on a national level, he said it should be left to the "states" to...
When is CarPlay coming VW??
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