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I never said anything about any of those products being copied or borrowed or influenced by Microsoft products. Rather they are a creative response.
Funny, the only way I interpret your story is that they lost money.Time, value, stocks, interest, investments. It's all money.
Thanks for helping me make a point
I do not want Microsoft to go away. Humiliated and made into Apple's bitch, of course. But MS and Apple are yin and yang. Their competition is what gave us iMac, iPod, iPhone, OS X. An Apple monopoly would be boring and futile.
They may go out of business in 20 years but ms is not going anywhere soon. Their OS is on 99+% of computers throughout the world.
I am a seeker of justice and truth, even if it means getting it out of a juvenile south Korean boy band enthusiast.
Does it have a retina display?You can use a stylus with an iPad too.And the android does not have the app store.And talk about being a "fanboi" (an embarrassing term)
Love my iPad- in fact, I don't think I will ever buy a laptop again. My next Mac purchase will be a tower for sure. iPad is the ultra portable!
I predict Apple's investment in fuel cells is a signifier of future source of power for upcoming products. I remember reading in the past about their looking into fuel cell and solar powered mobile devices.
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