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Seems like Apple is on its way to 3D photography.   This is something complex enough that a simple camera wouldn't do. It would need the processing power of the A chips, graphics cards, and substantial RAM.    I'm imagining 3D holographic images being sent across iDevices, that the screen projects in front of you.   
wow... give me liquid metal and get rid of that hideous iPhone 6 design and I'm sold! (The 5s is the most beautiful device ever created)
How exciting for the corporate chain store prisoners of suburbia.
The ISPs better be careful what they wish for. Apple, the wealthiest corporation in the world, has enough resources to innovate its own form of light speed data and voice network to put to shame all others if they dare mess with Apple's content delivery.
I've always dreamed that Apple use this concept with their products. Give us the "skeleton," let us upgrade the internals to keep up with the times. But since Apple has turned kind of evil over the years, I don't expect this to happen. 
I was being glib. Though you really don't own your home until that mortgage is paid off. Can't pay it off and your but is out on the street, just like a renter. And you have no equity to show for it, just like a renter.
 It's called a mortgage
Ever hear of car leases and Rent-To-Own? They're very successful business schemes. So are check cashing centers and credit cards with 30% interest. They all typically pray on the destitute and impoverished, who are usually not too good with financial decisions, which is why they are in their situations in the first place. *cough* Android users *cough* 
I feel like it takes Apple a few generations for their devices to catch up with the breaking technology and software. This happened with the iPad retina display, the limited GPU processor and RAM made the graphics stutter, and especially with iOS 8, it gets bogged down. But the iPad Air 2 screams. I'm hearing similar stories with the iMac Retina 5k, and now this new iPad with a supersized screen may end up having the same fate. Always good to wait a few cycles of a new...
Wow, thanks AI! Will definitely be getting a 64gb iPad Air. I currently have the iPad 3, will be a much loved upgrade. My question is, if you can get these deals online, why would anyone show up at Best Buy at 5pm on Thanksgiving? My next question is, gold or space gray? (I currently have the 5s space grey).
New Posts  All Forums: