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So Apple leaves out VW (the largest auto manufacturer in world) and Audi from CarPlay (at least initially) and now is leaving out PayPal, the largest mobile payments system in the world. I have to wonder about some of the executive decisions being made at Apple lately.
As a proud Apple stock owner, you will find refuge in any means of denial necessary.
Phones only been out for a week, that's not normal use. We need to wait a couple months to judge the true real world durability of this phone.Man, I miss Steve. He would have never allowed this crap to be made. I believe in his one handed small iphone philosophy, even if it means sacrificing some sales to larger phone companies.
TVs aren't mobile devices, meant to be carried around with you in your pocket. *facepalm*
Here you gohttp://youtu.be/FwM4ypi3at0
I prefer"Bendghazi"
Nice argumentative skills, lol. The next Churchill! Flimsy: comparatively light and insubstantial, easily damaged. Seeing as how this phone can be bent in half with moderate pressure using two bare hands, I'd say that fits the definition.  Aluminum: a light silvery- grey metal. See: flimsy. Both these definitions taken from the built in Apple dictionary.  Oh I can't wait for your rebuttal:"But you're wrong. I don't have to say why. You just are." Sounds like *your*...
The 6 is a flimsy piece of aluminum. Reason enough? lol. 
Wrong. Mac user since 1992. iPhone 4s owner. IMO The 4s is the most perfect phone ever made, good thickness, good weight, you can stand it up to take stable photos and videos, doesn't bend in half when you sit down.  I'm very unimpressed with the iPhone 6. Like I said, I'll wait for LiquidMetal. The 6 is just Apple's hastiness to try to recuperate some of the sales lost to bigger phones. They should know better.  Yes they will sell a ton. They will probably end up taking...
New Posts  All Forums: