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From what I understand, you have to have the iPhone with you at all times to use any of the motion, gps, Internet, or wifi uses.Fucking shit man **** dudeSorry.. My Tourette's.
Would someone please tell me what the point of getting an iWatch is, if you have to have your iPhone with you at all times to use it, and your iPhone already tracks your activity and does almost everything the watch does except have a built in heartbeat sensor. To me, it's just a $400+ heart rate monitor. I'm looking at the Jawbone UP3. Only $150 and has great features, like heart rate monitor and is waterproof since I do a lot of swimming. Can anyone recommend the...
I plan to have mine delivered to a Best Buy store and pick it up for free shipping. If I lived near the Oregon border I would game the system too.
If you already have an iPhone, just use Personal Hotspot to tether the iPad, and you save on the $20 to $40 a month iPad data plans as well as $130 premium for the cellular model. Buying a cellular iPad doesn't make sense anymore. 
Race you to Best Buy's black Friday iPad Air 2 sale! 
Why would anybody buy a 16gb device, especially now that processors and apps are 64 bit (and much larger file sizes). Right out of the box after iOS 8 takes up its share, you are left with about 10 gb. Barely enough to cover a moderately sized song library, much less any other apps or videos. 32GB is the minimum for me for iPhones, with 64GB for iPads. Anything less is just not worth the price.
Seems like Apple is on its way to 3D photography.   This is something complex enough that a simple camera wouldn't do. It would need the processing power of the A chips, graphics cards, and substantial RAM.    I'm imagining 3D holographic images being sent across iDevices, that the screen projects in front of you.   
wow... give me liquid metal and get rid of that hideous iPhone 6 design and I'm sold! (The 5s is the most beautiful device ever created)
How exciting for the corporate chain store prisoners of suburbia.
The ISPs better be careful what they wish for. Apple, the wealthiest corporation in the world, has enough resources to innovate its own form of light speed data and voice network to put to shame all others if they dare mess with Apple's content delivery.
New Posts  All Forums: