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Ah yes, Mr. Bandwagon himself. You know what else was said by no one (except for one know it all, of course, and with his typical derision and false confidence to try and destabilize everyone else's arguments through arrogance and intimidation)? "Apple will never release a 5.5" iPhone!" Credibility: Zilch.  "What Will Tallest Ski Be Wrong About Next?™"
We need an iMac without the built in display. MacAir? What a let down!   This is the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh and this is what we get? Does anybody remember the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh? And Tim gives us an iMac with the same form factor as models from 2007 (!!) but with a Retina Display (A nice touch, but nothing to warrant what should be a big celebratory 30th Mac). Proof that Apple doesn't care about the Mac anymore.  iPads, iPods, and iPhones are...
 Where are we going to find new previous version Mac Minis with the quad i7? And where are you quoting your SSDs?
I've been hoping for a Mini update for months and now it finally looks like it's time to upgrade my 2008 Macbook Core 2 Duo.  Though, would I see any real world difference between a 3 ghz quad core i7 and a duo core i7? I like to play simulation games, do photo editing, watch HD streaming movies on my 27" LED Cinema Display, maybe video editing in Final Cut. Too bad we don't get the option!   And it looks like there is no user upgradable RAM, so if you buy 8GB, you are...
When I think Apple competitors, Amazon is one of the last companies that comes to mind. But it's a free country and they can throw their money into the abyss if they so please by trying to compete. Their kindles are popular, but only for reading books. I dont know anybody that buys an iPad just to use it as a book reader, so I don't think the kindle is stealing any of that market from Apple. And anybody who buys a kindle fire are the types of people that choose Wal mart...
Will it bend?
Mac Mini is quite LONG in the tooth
Enough with the aluminum and outdated Gorilla Glass Apple, give us a Liquid Metal and Sapphire iPhone 7!
So Apple leaves out VW (the largest auto manufacturer in world) and Audi from CarPlay (at least initially) and now is leaving out PayPal, the largest mobile payments system in the world. I have to wonder about some of the executive decisions being made at Apple lately.
New Posts  All Forums: