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Will people know that you are leaving a group text? For instance, my friends send out big group texts a lot, and, then you get a couple people that talk between themselves. I don't really care for it, so I'd like to leave, but I don't want a message to say "Tyler has left the conversation" cause I think it's kind of rude and passive aggressive. 
Will it work with the 4s?
Yes, I'm an AT&T shill, with an account since 2006. LOLI've used them all and all carriers are garbage. That's why I choose the one that costs the least, if I must choose one.I remember TEN years ago in Budapest, yes, Eastern friggin Europe, I never had a dropped call or bad service for the four months I was living there. I was even able to talk without interruption in the SUBWAY. No joke.USA! USA!
This will make paying $50 every month for T-Slobile's sh!tty service less painful. 
Who uses watches anymore anyways? I really hope this iWatch rumor is just that- a rumor. Talk about a product that couldn't induce any more yawns. Everybody carries their phones with them at all times. And it has a watch on it. This is a fad that will die quickly.   I hate watches. They give you weird tan markings. They stink badly if you wear them all the time. They are heavy and get in the way when you are writing, get stuck in your sleeves, get stuck when you take...
Not true! Have you seen their refrigerators?? 
Audi and VW conspicuously absent. :/
TMo service has become considerably worse in the past few weeks where I live. Normally I would have 2 or 3 bars, now I have 1. Cellular service in America is embarassing.
 Thanks, I wonder if T-Mobile will still pay the termination fees when the iPhone 6 comes out... thinking of buying $400 64GB iPhone (maybe this size will be cheaper when the 6 is released?) then going back to T-Mobile and having them pay the fees *wrings fists mischievously* 
I've known people that have had issues doing this. It was over a year ago so many things are better now?  It wouldn't be a barrier, as long as the carrier unlocked the phone for you. I don't believe that ATT would just factory unlock the phone that you bought from them after using it less than one month, after paying the termination fees, and canceling the service, so you could use it on T-Mobile. If the retail cost is more than the subsidized cost of the phone +...
New Posts  All Forums: