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It's almost as if Apple were founded by a bunch of counter culture San Francisco hippies!
Not so much a nice bath as a bucket of water being poured over your head.
Same for most cars too. So you think it's acceptable to have to replace your car every three or four years because it is no longer drivable? 
Deduct 20% more for transportation to and from said job and paying for your own uniform. 
Replace the glass on your iPhone for only 15 hours* worth of minimum wage labor!    *your state's results may vary. 
If he is openly gay, then how can he be outed? And why can't celebrities be gay while they are still celebrities?? We always hear their confessions when they are living in studio apartments and surviving on food stamps. Shame about the ex-BP CEO.
I use my 2008 aluminum MacBook every day. I have it hooked up to a 27" Cinema Display, I run all the latest software. I can do video editing, photo editing, publishing, Netflix, HBO Go.. It may not be super fast at complex stuff, and I can't run the latest games (i'm not a big gamer though so bfd), but I have no reason to give it up. It still has a really good resale value, it's worth more than most of those new crap PC laptops or slaptops or netbooks on the market  
I have more faith than you that Macs are reliable, at least they used to be. My uncle still has a blueberry iMac from 1999 that fires up and connects to the internets just fine. 
Will people know that you are leaving a group text? For instance, my friends send out big group texts a lot, and, then you get a couple people that talk between themselves. I don't really care for it, so I'd like to leave, but I don't want a message to say "Tyler has left the conversation" cause I think it's kind of rude and passive aggressive. 
Will it work with the 4s?
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