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A wireless, "secure" payment service. I wonder what Jennifer Lawrence has to say about this, lol!
iPhone Plus? As in, plus sign means pregnant? What a name!
Cupertino? How pedestrian.
Looks like it's done incredibly cheap, look at that 1985 Timex watch display. And what are the dimensions? Because if it is bigger, thicker, and heavier than having credit cards in your wallet, what's the point? iPhone is going to wipe this off the map.
It's almost as if Apple were founded by a bunch of counter culture San Francisco hippies!
Not so much a nice bath as a bucket of water being poured over your head.
Same for most cars too. So you think it's acceptable to have to replace your car every three or four years because it is no longer drivable? 
Deduct 20% more for transportation to and from said job and paying for your own uniform. 
Replace the glass on your iPhone for only 15 hours* worth of minimum wage labor!    *your state's results may vary. 
If he is openly gay, then how can he be outed? And why can't celebrities be gay while they are still celebrities?? We always hear their confessions when they are living in studio apartments and surviving on food stamps. Shame about the ex-BP CEO.
New Posts  All Forums: