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Anybody who chooses Microsoft over Google has as much flavor as a dirt sandwich.Google and Apple are both amazing, innovative companies that are contributing to the better of humanity.Microsoft is and always was a soul sucking leech that deserves to die. Watching it die slowly over the next decade will be quite entertaining.Samsung makes good microwaves. 
I really want this new iPhone (I currently have a 4s) but I just can't justify spending $850 (I have T-Mobile, and need the 64GB model to transfer all my music and data over.) Maybe I will switch to ATT or Verizon so I can get one for around $400, which sounds a lot more realistic. I currently pay $50/ month for unlimited.. I can get a Verizon plan for $55 month unlimited text/ voice and 250 MB data. Do any of these carriers offer incentives if I sign a contract and switch...
How is this campus going to be green when everybody will be driving to work?
 Wow. Back when Apple was more of a niche, Apple fans used to be a tight knit community of very friendly, almost hippie types. Since the iPhone they have become more and more IBM corporate douche types. 
Thanks, I was hoping someone would respond to give me hope! I'll wait for the iPhone 6 to upgrade. With the $50- 100 a month I save by not being burdened by ATT or Verizon, it will more than pay itself off. Right now I'm on the $50/ month unlimited talk/ text/ web.. and the data speed is limited since the 4s is only capable of 3G, so still not getting all my money's worth.  I live in Sacramento and travel a lot to the Bay Area. Service is much worse in the city.. pretty...
T-Mobile iPhone 4s customer for over a year now. I am very unimpressed with the service. But I don't have anything to compare it to since I haven't used any other carriers in years.
The last version of Final Cut I used was 7.0, several years ago. I'm getting back into editing and looking for a instructional tutorial for the new version. What do you all recommend?
I have not been happy with iTunes Radio and switched back to Pandora happily. I would find that radio stations I added would just disappear. Then I wasn't able to listen to more then a few songs at a time. The licensing must be quirky. I am a very happy Pandora customer and I have found great new music with their service. I may never go back to iTunes Radio. 
Yeah, sadly, in this life, we have to endure bitter, hateful douche bags. 
And who buys a Benz, Volvo, or Ferrarri that isn't under 65? C'mon Audi, VW, and BMW!!
New Posts  All Forums: