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My iPad just turned into a video phone. Sweet! But will it work over LTE? Does it matter?
Complete garbage. I will not buy an iPhone until it comes to T-Mobile prepaid. I only pay for the minutes I use. The most I pay is $30 a month with texts and minutes left over. I can wait for data use until I get to a location with wifi, or I can use my iPad's LTE connection, which is an additional $20 a month, but I would still be paying only $50. Why do you people pay $90,100, 150, 200 a month for service that is equal to a developing nation? 
If you buy any other product on the marketplace (such as a car) and they come out with a newer model with more features the next year, you aren't entitled to that new car or those new features. It is only with computers that we expect everything to be handed down to us for free. For those of you with an iPhone 4 or earlier, you will still have the same iPhone that works just the same that is the reason you bought it in the first place. 
Enjoy your new baby!
As soon as these were released I didn't think twice about upgrading my 2008 MacBook unibody. I just bought a new iPad with retina display and I use it for most things that I used to use that MacBook for. But now that I have actually read through the specs more and watched that awesome promotional video, I am sold. This is now the hottest computer in the entire industry. The retina display changes everything. And it is well, well worth the cost. I am so glad that Apple...
Apple is doomed! Nobody wants these. They are $15,000. Nobody buys stuff with permanent storage. The retina display is a gimmick.  Final Cut Pro is dead. Tim Cook is a failure.  Apple is abandoning their Pro market.
This update is pretty underwhelming to me.  What I really want to be able to do is have some sort of Finder so that I can upload images or files from my iPad onto web pages directly without having to have a separate app for craigslist, cnn, facebook, photobucket, etc.  Also, side by side apps would be cool, to be able to drag and drop items from one app to the next (text, images, etc.) The maps and navigation look neat and look forward to using that (does this...
It looks like the hinges have a new coating as well, as they are the same color as the polyurethane. This is good news to me, as I just had to return a smart cover and iPad after the metal on metal contact of the hinge caused permanent dents into the side of my iPad where it connects after less than 2 months of use. 
Since I bought the new iPad, I will only buy products with retina displays from now on. Retina displays have completely ruined any satisfaction I may gain from using a device without one. Looking at the iPad 2s in the Apple Store makes me think "why did people ever buy such a pixelated antiquated piece of technology?"    I have no use to upgrade my 2008 MacBook, however. The iPad has pretty much replaced most of what I do on my MacBook, and I have it hooked up to a...
Not to be nitpicky, but that's actually Moscone West.
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