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Since I bought the new iPad, I will only buy products with retina displays from now on. Retina displays have completely ruined any satisfaction I may gain from using a device without one. Looking at the iPad 2s in the Apple Store makes me think "why did people ever buy such a pixelated antiquated piece of technology?"    I have no use to upgrade my 2008 MacBook, however. The iPad has pretty much replaced most of what I do on my MacBook, and I have it hooked up to a...
Not to be nitpicky, but that's actually Moscone West.
Its called an ipad.
Start by adding SIRI to iPad, please!
Looks beautiful to me
The samsung phone is definitely not a copy of the iPhone- the clock is on the right side instead of the middle for God's sake!
I am looking for a high quality web editor. I liked iweb but I would like something much more professional for a business web site. I will be creating several informational pages and a blog or news feed. Something with templates would be best. Im not advanced at web design at all. Thank you!!
What do you expect-  one product is made by a company established for 4 decades that invented the personal computer, which, in itself, helped to create the internet and the modern world economy.    The other is made by a search engine company that only within the past few years decided they wanted to make a computer. 
It's just a toy.
You guys can start with your presidential nominee. 
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