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This is the best looking computer Apple has ever made. Whoever said Apple is doomed without Steve is wrong! I really like the direction they are taking. Now hurry up and release it so you can take my money already!!
Wow. What sad news. Is this an Onion article? They can not be serious here. Our culture is declining so rapidly. Can we please start over?
Yes, a number of people. 2 is a number.
Damn the rich these days are tacky!
Good to know that I have skewed the average with my over $3,000 purchases from Apple's brick and mortar steel and glass stores.
I just ran out of my free 5GB of iCloud storage, so this is perfect! Will keep my camera roll on this app, and the remaining backups on iCloud. Downloading now.. Too bad they only have an iPhone app and no ipad
So the government doesn't want anyone listening to their phone calls? Oh, the sad, sad irony.
T-Mobile's network is slowly and quietly expanding. Here in Sacto, I am seeing 4G service in more places on my 4S over the past couple of weeks. Edge is still the majority, but, especially after MetroPCS's acquisition, high speed cellular should be the norm within months, finally.. been patiently waiting for this as an iPhone T-Mobile customer since last October. 
For the past few days my iPhone 4s has displayed "T-Mobile 4G" in the status bar. This has never happened before. I assume I am still capped at 3G?
New Posts  All Forums: