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As a TMobile customer have noticed their signal service has slightly improved lately. They still have a long way to go to catch up to Eastern European quality, though.
Congrats Audi, you're now looking more and more like Kias.
There already are cheap iPhones on the market. They're called Galaxys. 
Of the 25 million black women in America, surely *one* is capable.
GM and Honda I can see. But Audi?? Damn, I thought you were classy.. 
Because iOS 7 is the retarded child of Windows Mobile and Fisher Price.
Yes I learned that the hard way, they kill your service at 12:01 am if your bill is not paid current on the day it is due.
T Mobile doesn't do a credit check and they seem to be doing just fine. 
Sorry, I'm not aware of what you meant,Was it a jab at Google glasses asses?
This type of labor should go to robots.. repetitive motion labor is the epitome of misery IMO. But at least this misery is paid a little bit more here. 
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