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 Thanks, I wonder if T-Mobile will still pay the termination fees when the iPhone 6 comes out... thinking of buying $400 64GB iPhone (maybe this size will be cheaper when the 6 is released?) then going back to T-Mobile and having them pay the fees *wrings fists mischievously* 
I've known people that have had issues doing this. It was over a year ago so many things are better now?  It wouldn't be a barrier, as long as the carrier unlocked the phone for you. I don't believe that ATT would just factory unlock the phone that you bought from them after using it less than one month, after paying the termination fees, and canceling the service, so you could use it on T-Mobile. If the retail cost is more than the subsidized cost of the phone +...
 And getting the carrier to unlock the phone for you so you can use it on another carrier, after you've terminated their service? Good luck with that. 
Sounds logical.
 I didn't say Google made good phones. I would never buy an Android. They're clumsy. They're ugly. They're retrograde. They are the equivalent of Microsoft software.  If you are really concerned about stealing of proprietary Apple technology and blatant rip offs, then Microsoft should be your #1 enemy. They have mimicked Apple since their existence. Even their website is now a copy of Apple- white simple backgrounds, thin, tall typeface. Simplicity. And the "Aero"...
Anybody who chooses Microsoft over Google has as much flavor as a dirt sandwich.Google and Apple are both amazing, innovative companies that are contributing to the better of humanity.Microsoft is and always was a soul sucking leech that deserves to die. Watching it die slowly over the next decade will be quite entertaining.Samsung makes good microwaves. 
I really want this new iPhone (I currently have a 4s) but I just can't justify spending $850 (I have T-Mobile, and need the 64GB model to transfer all my music and data over.) Maybe I will switch to ATT or Verizon so I can get one for around $400, which sounds a lot more realistic. I currently pay $50/ month for unlimited.. I can get a Verizon plan for $55 month unlimited text/ voice and 250 MB data. Do any of these carriers offer incentives if I sign a contract and switch...
How is this campus going to be green when everybody will be driving to work?
 Wow. Back when Apple was more of a niche, Apple fans used to be a tight knit community of very friendly, almost hippie types. Since the iPhone they have become more and more IBM corporate douche types. 
Thanks, I was hoping someone would respond to give me hope! I'll wait for the iPhone 6 to upgrade. With the $50- 100 a month I save by not being burdened by ATT or Verizon, it will more than pay itself off. Right now I'm on the $50/ month unlimited talk/ text/ web.. and the data speed is limited since the 4s is only capable of 3G, so still not getting all my money's worth.  I live in Sacramento and travel a lot to the Bay Area. Service is much worse in the city.. pretty...
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