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Nobody could ever replace Noah Wylie. One of the best movies, ever.
Not to mention the battery lasts 4x longer!
I disagree completely. I bought the new ipad and it is my first. I now prefer browsing the web and checking email on the ipad over my Macbook with 27" cinema display attached. I never really played games on my Macintosh but I am having so much fun browsing games on the app store and downloading them onto my ipad. I would never think of reading books on my laptop but I am excited to buy and read books on is gorgeous display. I look forward to downloading HD movies from the...
In a perfect world they would have all of their products made in America.But we no longer have skilled, disciplined, or competent workers, so that's not going to happen. Just watch the reality and court shows and witness the plethora of ignorance that permeates the nation.Yes, I do believe Apple could improve itself in the labor situation. Although, these are not Apple employees, and Apple does treat its own employees very well, including benefits for domestic partners....
Well its actually more serious which means the issue should be remedied even more hastily, correct? That's my point. Apple has soul. I know they will do the right thing.
They have until July 2013 to comply? When was the last time a traffic fine didnt have to be paid for a year?
Dudes reputation is TOAST. Maybe James Frey needs a roommate.
Nokia lost its relevance in 2001.
Breaking: Apple Press Release in response to Consumer Reports' thermal heat accusations: "You've got to be fucking kidding me."
When left in a Las Vegas desert the black iPad gets 10 degrees hotter than the white ipad Gate
New Posts  All Forums: