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2 of my messages have been trying to send for 3 days now, lol... And it won't send them as text. Works fine on my ipad though
The phrase "sells like hotcakes" should be changed to "sells like iPhones."
The NSA's new favorite device, ever!
That gold is just hideous..
This movie is horrible. I knew it was going to be bad 1 second after Ashton opened his mouth. Should have known better 
It only comes across as text message if you are using an iPhone, with a cellular signal. iPad and Mac, not so much.
For some reason the hula hoop Steve used when introducing the iBook gave me imagery of a circus
Thank you! One of the few of you that actually gets it."But it doesn't have SCSI and ADB ports!!"
  Good point- Steve may have had input on this latest Mac Pro design. It's too bad he wasn't around to introduce this- I can only imagine his Steve-o excitement and enthusiasm, bringing out acrobats to roll across the stage on top of it as they balance a long pole off the tip of their noses 
This is the best looking computer Apple has ever made. Whoever said Apple is doomed without Steve is wrong! I really like the direction they are taking. Now hurry up and release it so you can take my money already!!
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