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The same iPad that has a 98% customer satisfaction rate. http://www.changewaveresearch.com/ar..._20120402.html
They accomplish this by making great (insanely) stuff. Period. So many companies have forgotten this.
The iPad is the best iPad I have used.
Where is the nuclear waste stored? And for how long?
Yes I did read it and admit my rebuttal was a bit histrionic. My main thesis is that a nuclear power fallout can have devastating consequences across the globe. Even oil and coal plants are much more contained than that. There is also a finite amount of uranium supply, so it is not the solution to long term energy use, and storing all of those spent rods takes thousands of years- quite a burden on your grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's great great grandchildren.
My source is a peer reviewed scientific journal. Yours is by a dude with a blog.
Solar PV requires little to no maintenance. Most of the maintenance requires spraying the panels down with a hose every summer. I can't believe people still consider nuclear as a viable economical, alternative.
What is the average lifespan for a nuclear plant? Meanwhile, solar PV installed on US space stations and satellites are still operating since the 1950s.
And how is storing nuclear waste for tens of thousands of years Even being considered as a sane solution? Oh yeah, I know, its recyclable, bla bla bla, meanwhile, California kelp is now contaminated with radioactivity frm the Fukishima disaster a year ago.
New Posts  All Forums: