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I've never been arrested, imprisoned, or in court, but aren't most felony sentences at least 5-7 years, due to severity of crime? Or is it 7 years after release? And if so, then why even have a prison system for criminals? Isn't the point of prison for you to pay your debt to society, which is why some crimes have more serious sentences. So you pay your debt to society yet you still can't get a job or live a normal life? Why release anyone from prison then? Why not just...
The remaining iMacs will all get 5k displays and a jumbo 8k iMac is in the works.. I hope Apple keeps up the graphics hardware to push that huge resolution!
Fox apologized?? Must have fukt up real good!
I remember the original "San Francisco" font, and that, sir, is no San Francisco!
And what is going to happen to the old store? If I were Apple I would want it demolished, lest some third party move on and claim Apples unique architecture and iconic presence as their own.
It's odd that there was a "megahertz war" in the early 2000s between Apple and Intel (which is why Apple always touted the other powerful aspects of the PowerPC over the Pentium) because I remember Intel reaching 1ghz first, and that was around 2002 or so. Yet we are still at 1ghz chips. I would think we would have 100 ghz by now,
Google just has no sex.
One of the most obnoxious apps around, good riddance! Though it is fascist to remove an app just because Apple doesn't like a certain developer or disagrees with what they have done in their personal life. Welcome to 1984 (Oh.. The irony!)
"Bear Stearns is fine!!"   Jim Cramer, One of the greatest hacks in history.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9EbPxTm5_s
  Water proof smart watches have existed for many years now. Apple is so late in the game with this they could have easily incorporated this, pretty much every major company besides Del Monte Foods has a smart watch out.
New Posts  All Forums: