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One of the most obnoxious apps around, good riddance! Though it is fascist to remove an app just because Apple doesn't like a certain developer or disagrees with what they have done in their personal life. Welcome to 1984 (Oh.. The irony!)
"Bear Stearns is fine!!"   Jim Cramer, One of the greatest hacks in history.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9EbPxTm5_s
  Water proof smart watches have existed for many years now. Apple is so late in the game with this they could have easily incorporated this, pretty much every major company besides Del Monte Foods has a smart watch out.
Guys, this is all done purposefully. Apple could easily create a waterproof watch good for swimming, but then what would be the big surprise during rev. 2. This is typical marketing. 
 I understand a saying about a fool and his money. A 1965 Mustang is outdated. So is a 1993 BMW 325i.  Apples and oranges.
People that actually *have* money do these things. I guess you missed my point.
Rich tech dorks in San Francisco, the Millennial Russian Mafia, and yes, the Chinese, because having $100,000 worth of showy merchandise  while living with 5 generations of family in a 2 bedroom apartment is how they roll! I can't even begin to think of how this is going to increase the crime rate in urban areas..
$17,000 for a watch that is going to be outdated in 9 months!!! 
Pretty sure there is still going to be a 12" iPad. But I wonder how that will affect sales of this new MacBook? Because right now I have a 13" MacBook from 2008. I want to upgrade my computer but will be getting a 5k iMac when rev. 2 comes out, and a 12" iPad to replace my current 3rd gen iPad, which will be much more portable than a MacBook. And more affordable. This new 12" is also pretty pricey. It looks great, battery life is promising, and the single port is kinda...
Crossing fingers that is comes with a much more robust Finder like file management system and multi app workspace.
New Posts  All Forums: