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I've only had one experience with an android phone (Samsung), and it was such a piece of junk. The phone would make full volume alerts as you were talking on it. The touch screen was so sensitive that it would always mute your voice so the person on the other end couldn't hear you. It was a wannabe but neverwillbe iPhone. I like authentic gold, no pyrite for me, thank you.
I will only buy it if it comes out on t mobile prepaid. I will not shell out over a hundo a month for horrible service. Why reward the big telecom companies with my hard earned money? The service in Europe is outstanding for less the cost. No way Jose.
Russia's biggest export is bootlegging and section 8 immigrants. 
Then why would they write it all off like this at once and face all this negative publicity if the company were headed in the right direction?
I understood the concept, which is quite simple. They still paid for the house, and if you downstream far enough actual money is involved, so money is lost somewhere, and in this case lots of it, unless someone gifted Microsoft a 6 billion dollar asset. I assume MS has made huge investments before and they probably didnt pay off as well too, but this is the first time they have ever reported a loss, which is very historic!
I never said anything about any of those products being copied or borrowed or influenced by Microsoft products. Rather they are a creative response.
Funny, the only way I interpret your story is that they lost money.Time, value, stocks, interest, investments. It's all money.
Thanks for helping me make a point
I do not want Microsoft to go away. Humiliated and made into Apple's bitch, of course. But MS and Apple are yin and yang. Their competition is what gave us iMac, iPod, iPhone, OS X. An Apple monopoly would be boring and futile.
They may go out of business in 20 years but ms is not going anywhere soon. Their OS is on 99+% of computers throughout the world.
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