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What do you expect-  one product is made by a company established for 4 decades that invented the personal computer, which, in itself, helped to create the internet and the modern world economy.    The other is made by a search engine company that only within the past few years decided they wanted to make a computer. 
It's just a toy.
You guys can start with your presidential nominee. 
It's just a toy.
iOS 6 based on the logo.. I'm guessing a 3D interface. iCan't wait!
    25 billion app downloads and counting...
    I actually find XP to be a pretty decent OS, however, my view may be limited as I only use it to play a game I can't play on 10.7 :p
MS in 2010: The iPad is a toy   MS in 2012:  We must make an iPad to survive!
It would have saved you a lot of time if you would have just typed "He's French."
And it still boots up. Gotta love 
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