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Forstall sold off all of his Apple Stock a few months ago, long before the Maps drama. This has been in planning for a while, probably since Job's exit as CEO.
Tim Cook is the Mitt Romney of Apple. Nobody really likes him, he doesn't have much charisma, but he's here to stay, so get used to it!
The great thing I like about Steve is that he was into computers but he was not a nerd, he was an artist. Woz, on the other hand...
I understand the theory behind the ads. I am just pointing out that something was lost when Apple became so popular (largest corporation in the world). I have been an exclusive Mac user since the Apple II and LC days back in kindergarten. Well- my parents forced upon the family a Packard Hell when I was in middle school, but don't think I didn't protest it!!  Back then being a Mac user was just.. different. We were more of a family. Now the mainstream hipsters have taken...
Apple's ads have sucked for years now. They are hokey and simple minded. I long for the days of "crazy ones," iMac rainbow, and the iPod silhouettes. The white background narrations lack creativity and intelligence. I hate them all.
Totally unacceptable. Anybody who defends this has no character. On the other hand, it's a helluva lot better than being caught using child labor http://venturebeat.com/2012/09/04/samsung-child-labor-fishy-audit/
I don't know why Apple decided to become a mapping company. Totally unnecessary, the Google Maps app was perfectly fine. These tedious little cat fights are what bring companies and countries crashing down by draining their talent and resources. 
If history is correct, just walk into an Apple store on launch day.
So to use an iPhone on a no contract carrier you have to shell out $850 for the 64GB (because, really, 64 should be the base model, not the high end, but whatevs). What a freakin' gip. No iPhone for me yet again. 
This is a feature worth reporting about? Wow, iOS 6 is going to be pretty damn underwhelming. 
New Posts  All Forums: