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As somebody that has lived in Las Vegas- that doesn't surprise me one bit.
-I highly recommend the Padlette: http://www.padlette.com/ -And the smart cover- which I have in tan leather. -The iPad is SEXY in person. In pictures it always looked rather bloated. It is comfortably thin and the aluminum casing sparkles. The laser engraving is gorgeous. -Old iPad apps are definitely noticeable. The icons look like images during the Netscape 1.0 days that have yet to reach their final refresh- blurry and pixelated. Pandora updated their app...
Would a plastic frog and ceramic duck do??
HAHA! my neighbor actually has that terra cotta hen in the garden.. you can see its behind at the top of the screen when I zoom in on the aeonium.. behind the green jade pot
Indoor: http://youtu.be/kPynYDjYWSg Outdoor: http://youtu.be/C0NSP-g5CaI I think uploading to YT from the iPad affects the quality- I notice I can not even watch it in anything above 480p, even though I chose to upload HD in the iPad camera. Hmm.. update: YT just takes longer to upload the higher quality on their end.. they're showing up now
I really can't tell the difference. Sue him for all he's worth, Apple.
I am playing Real Racing 2 HD- so far, when 3D zooming the car models, there is quite a big of lag. However, during game play, the graphics run very smooth, I could not detect any lag whatsoever. The graphics are just ... well it's been said many times before
I am saving all the apps I don't plan to use at the moment in the cloud (although at this point they are all fitting on my iPad with plenty to spare- I too have the 32GB model, but I took off all of the music and will use home sharing instead to save space).What would be really cool would be for Apple to allow you to reactivate apps in the cloud from the iPad instead of having to do it through iTunes.
Since this is the first I've had I've ever used or owned I feel like I am reviewing a brand-new piece of technology. I know that this is nothing new to most of you guys, but I am now starting to realize how valuable and game changing the iPad is. I just played the game Crow mag rally, and, although I play this game on my iPad touch, and never looked at that device as really a great gaming machine. This smallscreen just seems so awkward for enjoying any type of action game....
Which case do you have? I'm looking for a case preferably one with a clear backing.
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