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Yes I learned that the hard way, they kill your service at 12:01 am if your bill is not paid current on the day it is due.
T Mobile doesn't do a credit check and they seem to be doing just fine. 
Sorry, I'm not aware of what you meant,Was it a jab at Google glasses asses?
This type of labor should go to robots.. repetitive motion labor is the epitome of misery IMO. But at least this misery is paid a little bit more here. 
Yeah, paying workers living wages and giving them holidays off means you have to wait a couple more weeks than usual. I know, it's hard to be you!
impeach.now This man is a traitor to the constitution. No better than Bush and Cheney.
 He probably just doesn't want the world to know that he has $1.4 million in computer equipment in his home.
It has happened on several different readers I've used, both swiping my customer's cards, and as a customer myself at merchants. These things are kind of cheap garbage.
Just make the thing work so I don't have to swipe the card 10 times before it accepts it. Customers really hate that!
It's not like anyone is forcing you to have a smartphone and be tracked.
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