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Most all fonts and graphics on iPad apps that had not been updated are fuzzy. Even the apple insider logos and graphics show the same amount of blur. Call it the curse of the early adopters, but it can be quite annoying!
I am very satisfied with my all day iPad battery life. It was actually over 50% last night when I plugged it in at bed time.
Nevada? That's so weird. I've lived there. It's more of a Microsoft type place.
Your answer:
Well I did predict the iPhone/ iPod touch years before they came out and everybody said I was crazy back then too. I stand by my statements, ostracize away!
I do think that within the next 5 years local storage will go the way of the dodo and everything will be run off of a cloud type service. I think that is Apple's plan and that is what they are trying to implement- and that they are working on a high bandwidth national wireless/wifi system to compete with (and, hopefully, overtake) decrepit and limiting cell phone service.
But are they growing proportionally with file sizes? If new iPad apps are 2x- 3x the size, yet the storage capacity remained the same, then local storage is actually shrinking.
It already has made local storage matter less. I can now store videos in the cloud. I could not do that a few weeks ago.
The dynamic duo of iCloud and Time Machine not only gives me peace of mind when working with important documents, but also takes a huge burden off of the storage capacity of my new iPad. I have a feeling that in the near future, storage capacities of mobile devices will matter less and less, especially if you have a cellular enabled device
I love the new iPhoto app. It is great for somebody like me to be able to edit photos on the go. I use it for work, and it has Already increased efficiency of my job. Plus, it is so fun to use. I do wish that they would incorporate better organizing methods in the program, however.
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