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You do realize that happy meals were never banned, right? Just the free toy that comes with it? McD's still charges extra for the toy. I'm not saying I agree with the legislation, but comparing this to Stalin's communism in which over one hundred million were murdered makes you look rather trivial, as well as uninformed.
Other than being the city where all of apples modern products were unveiled, from the iPod, to iPhone, to iPad, to OS X, to every years most exciting Macworld expos since Steve's resurrection of our favorite computer company, to the venture capitalists that fund pretty much every facet of the 21st century world ecomony, to the culture that brought us Apple and the computer you are (ironically) using, and Steve Jobs' birthplace, you are right, who needs it.You are from the...
Are you kidding?? Have you ever read ANY NYT article by David Pogue? 
I am ashamed to be in company with so many cold hearted, mean spirited people on these forums. I thought that Apple fans were different. You sound like a bunch of Islamic fundamentalists. I guess when a brand gets to become so big, it has to absorb even bottom feeders.
Paying people a real living wage is not only beneficial to the worker, it is beneficial to society. How many workers making $18,000 a year collect food stamps, or Medicaid, or rental subsidies because they do not earn enough to care for themselves? Again, this is corporate America privatizing gains and socializing losses. We end up picking the slack that corporations don't contribute. They then pocket the profits that they would have had to pay their workers under a living...
I worked at GAP in 1999, before the landmark case that no longer required workers to buy uniforms from their employers. Back then, we had to buy the clothing, or wear look a likes with no logos, so, you still had to buy your own uniforms. What if all your clothes have logos? You then have to buy 4 to 5 new outfits just to make minimum wage. No thank you.
You're right- if you work 2 hours you make enough to drive to and from work for the day!
$9 an hour? Seriously? I guess they definitely took over the GAP model. I used to work for that company. Work you to the bone, make you buy their clothes, and pay you pittance. I'm glad Apple is raising their wages. Those floor people work hard and deserve more. 
Stop Pay Toll!
I am getting tired of these hokey Apple commercials. 
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