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T-Mobile's network is slowly and quietly expanding. Here in Sacto, I am seeing 4G service in more places on my 4S over the past couple of weeks. Edge is still the majority, but, especially after MetroPCS's acquisition, high speed cellular should be the norm within months, finally.. been patiently waiting for this as an iPhone T-Mobile customer since last October. 
For the past few days my iPhone 4s has displayed "T-Mobile 4G" in the status bar. This has never happened before. I assume I am still capped at 3G?
Good news- I got the carrier update and the features advertised for the iphone 5, including visual voicemail, are working on my 4s! 
Visual voicemail was around long before LTE.
And why can't this work on my iPhone 4s on T-Mobile?
With tmobiles possible acquisition of metropcs this year, their coverage will,improve by leaps and bounds.
Actually, according to Cnet, T-Mobile plans to cover 300 million Americans with LTE by the end of 2013, not 100 million:   "The carrier plans to cover 100 million people with its service by the middle of this year. And it expects to cover an additional 200 million by the end of 2013."   http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57576382-94/t-mobile-ceo-stop-the-bull-with-carrier-plans/
So let me get this right- I have been a T-Mobile customer since last year and I will soon be getting unlimited 3G data speeds for $50 a month (since I have a 4s I can get 3G max speeds anyway). Because right now for $50 I am getting 500mb at up to 4g speeds and then it is capped at sloooow 2g. Only 2 months ago the cap was after 50mb but Tmobile upped it to 500mb for free. So if you have a 4s you will be getting unlimited max speed data for $50 month, no contract? Sounds...
  There are no "taxes and fees" $50 a month is what you pay with tmobiles plan (and just 2 monts ago $50 only got you 50mb of high speed data, not 500mb)
Incorrect- after reaching your data limit it doesn't even drop to Edge- it drops to 2g (slower than edge and confirmed by a Tmobile customer service rep a few months ago) So instead of sloooow its sloooooooooooooow.
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