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 My point was it's overpriced. Like the G4 Cube, why spend all that money when you could buy a full power G4 tower at near the same price? 
The 5c is the G4 Cube of iPhones.    I live in CA and I have never seen a 5c out in the real world. 
The article states there is going to be a visitor center 
Makes the Facebook campus look like.. a Facebook campus. Check mate Google!
It's an entire city, complete with infrastructure, highways, public transit stations, and even farm land. WTF!
Loving my 4s more and more :)
Very nice. I have an iPad 3 and see no need to upgrade. I am waiting for the 12" iPad Pro.
2 of my messages have been trying to send for 3 days now, lol... And it won't send them as text. Works fine on my ipad though
The phrase "sells like hotcakes" should be changed to "sells like iPhones."
The NSA's new favorite device, ever!
New Posts  All Forums: