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Incorrect- after reaching your data limit it doesn't even drop to Edge- it drops to 2g (slower than edge and confirmed by a Tmobile customer service rep a few months ago) So instead of sloooow its sloooooooooooooow.
Tmobile still has a long way to go. I've been with them on my iPhone 4S since last October and I only get 1g and 2g speeds in most areas here in sacramento, which is a large/ major city. I can't even stream pandora as I'm driving. I know they are supposed to complete their transition by the end of this year, but I feel I should be refunded part of my service for having such unbearably slow speeds when t is advertised as "up to 4g let" speeds.
Uh, I don't want iOS to be MORE simple. I just want to be able to upload a damn PDF file to the Internet after 6 years...
I don't get it, I am currently using an unlocked iPhone 4S on Tmobile network and I have the monthly 4g plan (no contract) for $50 a month I get unlimited talk, text, and web with first 500mb at 4g speeds. These new plans look be $10 more expensive than what I am paying, and they are on contract, correct? What's going on...
My favorite comment from SocketSite (and so true): Since no one in the Castro can fit into Diesel Jeans, and everyone owns an Iphone, this would seem to be a good move. Posted by: curmudgeon
Real Money. The Best Kind.
P.S. am I the only one that has no problems with Apple maps? I have used the Siri GPS function at least 10 times so far without a hitch. I have found no difference between this and the Google app version, other than the Apple app is much more elegant. 
This really sucks. Everything that has made apple so successful these past 5 years- the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod touch, Siri... have been Scott's brainchildren. And now Apple is so quick to get rid of him? On the other hand, perhaps he can be replaced with somebody that can make iOS more like OS X and not like the very limited interface that it is now. 
Forstall sold off all of his Apple Stock a few months ago, long before the Maps drama. This has been in planning for a while, probably since Job's exit as CEO.
Tim Cook is the Mitt Romney of Apple. Nobody really likes him, he doesn't have much charisma, but he's here to stay, so get used to it!
New Posts  All Forums: