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No flash on the camera. No T-Mobile service? I have been very impressed with T-Mobile. I find they offer that most diverse plan options (Right now I am on the 1500 text/ minute and 30GB web plan for $30/ month) and also the best coverage. In my apartment MetroPCS, AT&T, and Verizon do not pick up signals, but T-Mobile does, even on a cheap entry level Samsung flip phone. Now with the 4GLTE service, I expect T-Mobile to be announced when the iPhone 5 is released, which I...
The last thing I want is my Mac to be more like my iPod. Crossing fingers that Apple doesn't screw this up...
As a Californian I can not help but feel emotions of dichotomy: it saddens me to see such a large disconnect between our public schools systems as some of the lowest rated in the country (and falling more every year- including the UC system) and the private entities like Apple that are advancing society through innovation and commitment to education. Will our public school systems be able to utilize such awesome technologies when public education is lower than prisons on...
What are the odds of MetroPCS ever coming to the iPhone? I only pay $37 a month for unlimited minutes and texts. Right now for work I use an iPod touch, a digital camera, and my Kyocera cell phone, but with an iPhone, I would be able to have all of those devices in one device. I am waiting for the iPhone 5 to come out before making a decision. If they do not come out for MetroPCS then I guess I will have to choose between the available carriers, none of which stand out to me.
It's clunky, it's ugly, it's old fashioned, it's outdated, it's cheap looking. It's Sony.
ANY cell phone provider in the city is horrible. You can literally walk 2" in a different direction and lose all your service. I've seen this with Metro, ATT, and Verizon. It's the topography and lack of cell phone towers (and also the substandard service provided to Americans compared to European and Asian markets) to blame. Although I'm not a huge fan of cell phones anyway.
I do think that modern day Apple users are insatiable and materialistic to the point of ridiculousness. It makes me when I read users posting that they sold their iPhone 4 so they can upgrade to an iPhone 4S. Seriously? Are you that dissatisfied with your life? I believe that it is the newer bandwagon Apple users that are like this, though. The old school fellas like myself tend to be loyal and stick with our Macs like we do with our underwear- until it is absolutely...
Mr. Jobs, or shall I call you, Steve, since I feel like you have been a close friend through most of my life. I remember waking up early with anticipation as a teenager to watch the Apple presentations at the MacWorld expos twice a year. Each presentation was a performance of creative genius and passion. The products that Apple creates have soul, vitality, and practicality. The world needs more passionate geniuses. I will miss you and forever remember you!
An Angelino critiquing architecture and urban planning.
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