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I am saving all the apps I don't plan to use at the moment in the cloud (although at this point they are all fitting on my iPad with plenty to spare- I too have the 32GB model, but I took off all of the music and will use home sharing instead to save space).What would be really cool would be for Apple to allow you to reactivate apps in the cloud from the iPad instead of having to do it through iTunes.
Since this is the first I've had I've ever used or owned I feel like I am reviewing a brand-new piece of technology. I know that this is nothing new to most of you guys, but I am now starting to realize how valuable and game changing the iPad is. I just played the game Crow mag rally, and, although I play this game on my iPad touch, and never looked at that device as really a great gaming machine. This smallscreen just seems so awkward for enjoying any type of action game....
Which case do you have? I'm looking for a case preferably one with a clear backing.
The dictation was even able to spell out correctly my 10 letter Polish last name- I'm guessing because my name is already in the device somewhere. Interesting!
"New Paragraph""New Line"
This is a response to your post. I am also using voice dictation on my new iPad. So far so good. Today's screensaver word of the day is puce adjective of a dark red or purple brown color. The more I use my iPad the more I falling in love with it.
Since the 2 cats have already demolished my shears, the purchase of drapes will be much more involved than the iPad
Received mine this morning- screen's amazing, but I've never used an iPad before so I have nothing to compare it to. It looks like my iPod touch 4g's retina display, so in comparison to upgrading my 1g touch, I can understand the difference. It looks like I am holding a tablet with a printed high resolution photo layered on top that is also backlit. You really can not see pixels, even when pressing your eyes against it! In regards to file sizes ballooning, I found this...
Guess what- that communist country is more technically innovative than we are (they lead the world in solar distribution and bullet train speeds). They work harder and smarter than we do. They are better educated than we are. If Apple products were made in America, they would not be able to keep up with demand both in supply and in innovation due to the exorbitant demands of union labor. Nobody hires American workers anymore because they are no longer skilled. Do I like...
As a gay man, I find that very offensive.
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