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My God these are fugly!
Hmm, it said "Keynote is not available in Applications/ iWork '09" when I tried to do the manual install, and quit. I have all my apps in the Applications folder instead. I Created an iWork '09 Folder and put the three applications into it and the updater worked fine. Very unApple like! Since when do we rely on specific directories? Maybe that is why the automatic updater never worked? Thanks for the link btw!
I am very impressed with the new Safari. It runs very fast and I am no longer getting the spinning beachball and force reloading of web pages. My computer feels a lot quicker. I have a Macbook 2008 8GB ram, bluetooth mouse and keyboard and 27" LED Cinema Display. I am very happy with this upgrade.  The Reminders app is fantastic and what I've been waiting for for a while!  Notification center is groovy and very useful, but I'd rather it slide out when I move my mouse...
My Pages and Numbers apps are not updating under OS X 10.8. The only software updates I had available were for iPhoto and iMovie. I really want the improved iCloud integration to sync with my iPad.. am I the only one who isn't able to get the update? I have iWork '09 installed. 
Is it possible to block moderators? I am tired of your petulant "answers" spamming up the forums, which are otherwise utilized by thoughtful people.
I hope that in the future iOS also becomes more like OSX. A file management system and an expose type interface with multiple apps open at once for drag and drop on an ipad would relieve most of the complaints I have with using it. I do like notification center, notes, and the new way of organizing iwork files on 10.8. These are game changers for me and well worth the a.j.
Why? Nothing posted here seems too out of the ordinary.
Spotlight indexing says: Estimated time remaining: 4 days😢
I have a Macbook aluminum 2ghz intel core 2 duo with 8 gb ram, nvidia 9400m 256mb and everything is running incredibly slooooww. Even opening up system preferences and opening up a panel takes 30 seconds to over a minute.    ...OK, now I just realized that Spotlight is indexing my 500GB hard drive. Probably what is making everything so slooooow. I will let it sit for a while. Bon voyage!
Hopefully Safari works better. I have found Safari to be incredibly slow with the spinning beach ball and constant "The web page is frozen, click here to reload all your pages, including 3 open youtube videos and other websites where you have to log back in" errors.  It's still better than FireFox, and Google Chrome I have not been impressed with for the Mac (it reminds me of IE for Windows)
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