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Received mine this morning- screen's amazing, but I've never used an iPad before so I have nothing to compare it to. It looks like my iPod touch 4g's retina display, so in comparison to upgrading my 1g touch, I can understand the difference. It looks like I am holding a tablet with a printed high resolution photo layered on top that is also backlit. You really can not see pixels, even when pressing your eyes against it! In regards to file sizes ballooning, I found this...
Guess what- that communist country is more technically innovative than we are (they lead the world in solar distribution and bullet train speeds). They work harder and smarter than we do. They are better educated than we are. If Apple products were made in America, they would not be able to keep up with demand both in supply and in innovation due to the exorbitant demands of union labor. Nobody hires American workers anymore because they are no longer skilled. Do I like...
As a gay man, I find that very offensive.
Mine finally made it to San Jose after taking a 5 day site seeing tour in Alaska. Looks like it will be here on time after all
My iPad left Louisville, KY this afternoon after sitting in Anchorage for 5 days. Is it really going to make it to my home in San Francisco by tomorrow afternoon? It says it is on time, according to UPS.
I have the same type of job- I inspect buildings for insurance companies. Having a rear camera of better quality is much more preferable for me because of this. I can't wait to see how much more efficient and fun iPad makes my job! What do you do exactly?
Your sarcasm detector is faulty
My thenewipad has been stuck in Anchorage for 4 days now \
Hi nequidnemis! So glad you found another forum to troll with your pseudo arrogance. How's the view at Gough @ Geary today?
So why is your rival creating your product? Isn't this like the mafia sharing family secrets with the police chief?
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