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It would have saved you a lot of time if you would have just typed "He's French."
And it still boots up. Gotta love 
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0?? My boyfriend has a Samsung phone with Android. It's a piece of shit. He can't wait to replace it with the newest iPhone.
Are PC sales as relevant as they were 10 years ago? If I am doing 80% more on my iPad that I used to do on my Mac, is it relevant that the Mac marketshare is only 10% when iPad marketshare is 70%? Which statistic is more important? I go with the latter. The iPad is the future, and Apple is clearly the leader, and this time, rightfully so.
Thanks, I was not aware of that! I would love to get rid of Flash. Just dumped Java last week, and so far nothing that I normally do online has been affected.
Apple has been around since the 1970s. Wasn't google founded in the late 90s?
Isn't flash required to use YouTube? There goes 95% of my fun!
The same iPad that has a 98% customer satisfaction rate. http://www.changewaveresearch.com/ar..._20120402.html
They accomplish this by making great (insanely) stuff. Period. So many companies have forgotten this.
The iPad is the best iPad I have used.
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