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Your sarcasm detector is faulty
My thenewipad has been stuck in Anchorage for 4 days now \
Hi nequidnemis! So glad you found another forum to troll with your pseudo arrogance. How's the view at Gough @ Geary today?
So why is your rival creating your product? Isn't this like the mafia sharing family secrets with the police chief?
I just received my Smart Cover from UPS. The driver told me that he has delivered 30 of these, today. And that's just one driver. For one route. In one city. In one day. These new iPad sales are going to be OUTRAGEOUS!! Glad mine's coming Friday
Absolutely. Put the social media kids in charge of programming and then maybe it would be something worth watching. Until then, I will not (and do not) own a TV.
Old conservative dudes unwilling to open their minds to new ideas? This is breaking news!
I think since I got the laser engraving, that is why mine is shipping from China :doh!:
Where did it originate? China?
My black 32GB + Verizion left from Shenzhen, with estimated delivery date of March 16 according to UPS (and they are usually accurate to the day). However, since I am in San Francisco, "Gateway to the Pacific Rim," hopefully I can receive it a day or 2 earlier Interestingly, it does not say Signature Required. I don't want the UPS guy to just leave it at my door! I'm sure there are lots of schemers out there on the lookout for boxes this size as they know they will be...
New Posts  All Forums: