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What do being struck by lightning, winning the lottery, dying of car accidents, having a baby born with one eye, and politicians being trustworthy have in common? They're all more likely to happen over you dying of a terrorist attack. Well, except maybe one of them.
Apple palling around with firearms manufacturers? Everything about this story makes me vomit in my mouth a little.
 I used FCP 7 in college back in '04. For a decade I got out of film making and recently started taking it back up again. I took a beginner's class in town on FCP X, and it is such a better application in so many ways! Some of which has nothing to do with Apple but with the advancement of the film industry in general (no more "Log & Capture" from DV tapes, instead import files instantly from a SD card). But it is a much more refined application. Of course I didn't start...
I don't see much choice in emoji skin tones, in fact none at all. The Caucasian tones before were quite nice and now it's some weird Simpsons hybrid.
In California there is a law that makes it a felony if a criminal steals $950 or more of merchandise and a misdemeanor if less. So someone who steals $949.99 worth of items is totally forgiven and allowed to live life free of any dark clouds or debilitations, yet someone who steals 1¢ more worth is forever branded a societal stain and is thrown away in the proverbial prison, not allowed to get a job, not allowed to be around kids, not allowed to vote, has to sit in prison...
I've never been arrested, imprisoned, or in court, but aren't most felony sentences at least 5-7 years, due to severity of crime? Or is it 7 years after release? And if so, then why even have a prison system for criminals? Isn't the point of prison for you to pay your debt to society, which is why some crimes have more serious sentences. So you pay your debt to society yet you still can't get a job or live a normal life? Why release anyone from prison then? Why not just...
The remaining iMacs will all get 5k displays and a jumbo 8k iMac is in the works.. I hope Apple keeps up the graphics hardware to push that huge resolution!
Fox apologized?? Must have fukt up real good!
I remember the original "San Francisco" font, and that, sir, is no San Francisco!
And what is going to happen to the old store? If I were Apple I would want it demolished, lest some third party move on and claim Apples unique architecture and iconic presence as their own.
New Posts  All Forums: