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^^ Apple's entire product line is made up of nothing but third party components. Their processors, hard drives, video cards, displays, ram, etc. etc. So you are saying that any time there is a problem with an Apple hardware product, it should never be Apple's responsibility because they don't make the components themselves?   Yes, technology isn't perfect. And Apple will therefore never be perfect. But owning up to mistakes and taking measures to prevent them in the...
I think it's time for Apple to split into two companies- a mobile company and a computer company. Apple isn't giving as much attention and thought to the Mac anymore. This shows in making OS X more like iOS (blah!) instead of making iOS more like OS X. I don't need full screen Messages, Contacts, etc. apps for my 27" Cinema Display. In fact many full screen apps on my Mac are over 50% blank space. So silly. And iTunes?? It's a total mess!! What used to be one of the...
And your technology is just as dated.Nokia?Siemens?LOL. 
As if we needed more evidence that Apple is no longer the counter culture company of its roots.
I remember the snowflake light show in Columbus Circle, around 2005. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen, and I can't imagine a city, at least in America, other than NY being able to pull that off. It was perfect. I've lived in SF and the public space leaves a lot to be desired- these things called "parklets" which are just reconfigured street parking spaces that are decorated with (seriously) dumpsters, shipping containers, and chain links. This "Winter Walk"...
Out of all the major cities, San Francisco is the hokiest. That is one ugly plaza! Is that turf? lol. Anyone every been to Manhattan during Christmas? It ruins any other experience you will ever have.
How exactly is this "un-carrier" if it only applies to postpaid (i.e. service with CONTRACT) plans? What a sham. I'm on prepaid because I hate contracts. I only pay $40 for 500MB data, unlimited text and minutes. I never use up all my data and always thought that it was shady to not rollover the data used that I *paid* for. I'm surprised a class action suit hasn't been brought up over this.
How else do you think they organized it?
The GOP high tech task force? They think the combustion engine is the most advanced technology out there. If they had their way, you'd wind up your computer engine to turn it on and it would emit a sputter of black smoke (or as they call it, freedom farts!) every time you sent an email (an email being loud clicking and beeping codes one would have to decipher). The idea of these people in charge of any policy to do with technology gives me a headache.
Does anybody remember the chrome backs of the iPods? These people don't know what a scratch is!
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