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Pretty sure there is still going to be a 12" iPad. But I wonder how that will affect sales of this new MacBook? Because right now I have a 13" MacBook from 2008. I want to upgrade my computer but will be getting a 5k iMac when rev. 2 comes out, and a 12" iPad to replace my current 3rd gen iPad, which will be much more portable than a MacBook. And more affordable. This new 12" is also pretty pricey. It looks great, battery life is promising, and the single port is kinda...
Crossing fingers that is comes with a much more robust Finder like file management system and multi app workspace.
It's ugly. Next.
 In response to Solipsism and your reply here, I definitely think that iOS 6 is outdated looking, I have never liked the grey blue dull look. I just really like the dimensions of the UI. I do not like flat graphics. But some people prefer IKEA or Danish modern furniture to classic or rustic leather furniture.  I would like to see a combo of iOS 6's dimension with iOS 7's color contrasts.
Wow, dissenting opinions really get you fired up, calm down!  As chadbag eloquently put it- "To Each His Own." Just accept that people have differing opinions than yours and that one man's taste is another man's gag reflex.  I have reset the iOS multiple times. Doesn't work. I am having the same issues on my iPhone 5s and my iPad 3rd generation, so it is an iOS 8 issue. I am getting images in different places on a web site than they should be. For instance, the Apple...
Spare me.. You are nothing but a Yes Man. If Apple went back to the 3D UI you would be praising it and everyone that is so "forward thinking" such as yourself that prefers the flat UI would be labeled a traitor, a loser, a piece of excrement, and kicked off the island.And plenty of people hate the flat iOS since iOS 7. It's like going from OS X to OS 9.
 If this were true and you were confident in it, you wouldn't feel the need to reply, and at such length too.  iOS 8 has been out for 6 months now and I still can't even have faith that my music won't shut off, skip to the next song, and turn off the shuffle when I hit the sleep wake button. Also, when unlocking my device while listening to an audiobook, the audiobook stops when I open up the music app. And I can't restart it without having to quit the music app and reopen...
Can we go back to iOS 6? The design much better- skeumorphic and dimension. We tried out the flat fisher price look- it's cute, trendy, and we're over it now. I need some dimension and layering in my UI. Jony can design hardware like nobody's business but get his hand out of the software design cookie jars! Also 7 and 8 have always been buggy, the graphics get crunched together in the UI when rotating your device, image loading issues in Safari, large images don't display...
Something about defecation and Dr. Watson's partner could be said here.
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