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Actually it is the complainers pointing out Apples faults that lead to improvements in Apple technology, so you're welcome.If the yes men had their way Macs would still be running OS 9 on G5 chips.
the 6+ is gonna be obsolete in a few months. The A9 will run circles around it. Not to mention a much better camera, and hopefully a subtle redesign and a much stronger build quality. 
Cool! A $3,000 device that will be bulky, outdated, non upgradeable, and basically useless within 6 months. With a half day battery life.
So much for the slanderous "California is bad for business" troll meme.
Looks like I'll be hanging on to my 2008 MacBook for at least a couple more years :/
Good enough is for people who buy PCs and Androids. I want a Mac!
The Koreans are no better- Hyuandai and Samsung spring to mind.
Yeah because functionality including checking Facebook and reading text messages on a 1 inch screen with your wrist up to your nose is totally worth the hundreds of dollars premium (oh, and having to have your iPhone with you at all times to do any of this. Great functionality! [or lack thereof]). That was sarcasm by the way. The Activite is incredibly simple. I don't need to check the weather on my watch when I have to have the phone with me at all times that does the...
You clearly have no taste. Designed in France, made in Switzerland (not a Chinese labor camp by a 9 months pregnant slave), sapphire display, made of steel alloy with calfskin leather wrist strap (also rubber for sporting activities). Water proof up to 50 meters (can't even shower with the iWatch). Super thin. Makes iWatch look thick and clunky by comparison. Don't need your iPhone with you to use it.Oh, and 8. Month. Battery life.
The Activite watch blows the i Watch out of the water, design wise (and has an 8 month battery life). But iWatch does seem to have more functionality (as long as you carry your iPhone with you). Though I don't believe iWatch is water proof, so it can't track your swimming like the Activite. I'll be going with Swiss made this time around.
New Posts  All Forums: