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What an expensive cheap piece of crap. I'll wait for Liquid Metal to upgrade!
Doesn't really matter if this is a non issue or not, the negative PR for this is already exploding (This thread already at 300 comments, I can't remember, ever, a thread on AI reaching this much attention). Yes Apple will still sell record numbers of them though. 
Then don't put the phone in your pocket, problem solved!
I've had my 4s for a couple of years, with no case. I've dropped it once and it cracked the back glass, but I bought a replacement for about $5 on Amazon. iPhones are incredibly sleek and also quite durable on their own.
They are all incredibly ugly.
New Mac Mini please, the current version is so old that I think it includes a floppy drive..
 It happens to me too, but is it worth $750 to upgrade? (I have T-Mobile prepaid, I refuse to sign a contract). I'd rather use that money towards a top of the line Mac Mini. 
I spoke with a T-Mobile customer service rep today and was told that *ALL* iPhone models that can run iOS 8 will support Wi-Fi calling. I was even put on a "Brief hold" while she verified this. As an iPhone 4s user who sees no reason to upgrade to any of these new iPhones (they do the same thing as mine, just a bit faster), this makes me very very happy!
So you have to have your iPhone with you at all times to be able to track your distance when working out? How about this- I won't buy it and use the iPhone apps I already use to do these same things.
A wireless, "secure" payment service. I wonder what Jennifer Lawrence has to say about this, lol!
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