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Ever hear of car leases and Rent-To-Own? They're very successful business schemes. So are check cashing centers and credit cards with 30% interest. They all typically pray on the destitute and impoverished, who are usually not too good with financial decisions, which is why they are in their situations in the first place. *cough* Android users *cough* 
I feel like it takes Apple a few generations for their devices to catch up with the breaking technology and software. This happened with the iPad retina display, the limited GPU processor and RAM made the graphics stutter, and especially with iOS 8, it gets bogged down. But the iPad Air 2 screams. I'm hearing similar stories with the iMac Retina 5k, and now this new iPad with a supersized screen may end up having the same fate. Always good to wait a few cycles of a new...
Wow, thanks AI! Will definitely be getting a 64gb iPad Air. I currently have the iPad 3, will be a much loved upgrade. My question is, if you can get these deals online, why would anyone show up at Best Buy at 5pm on Thanksgiving? My next question is, gold or space gray? (I currently have the 5s space grey).
I don't know why this would upset anyone. Total non issue.
Using the bible to prove a Christian viewpoint is like going to Samsung's website to find out why their phones are better than iPhones.
I currently have a 2008 unibody MacBook, 2ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. I want a new Mac but want to make the right decision and investment. I don't necessarily need a laptop, since I feel my iPad can replace most things I can do for portability.  I was waiting for the new Mac Mini to come out, but that turned out to be a huge disappointment. I can get the top of the line mini with 3 ghz dual core i7, 256 gb ssd drive, 16 gb ram, Intel Iris for $1399. Or I could get a refurbished...
 I'm so sorry that the world is so "confusing" to you. Imagine how "confusing" it is to children who are murdered and tortured by their parents because they are perceived to be gay. It happens way too much in this country. Again, sorry for inconveniencing you! But, preach on brother. You are a dying, endangered species, and these are your last gasps, so make 'em good!
Have the Russians heard of Alan Turing? Because that would mean they would have to throw away all of their computers. Yeah, didn't think so (Hypocrites). 
2 year contract of what? Is Sam's Club a carrier?
Oh yeah, and Christians using the bible to defend "evidence" of Christian positions is like going to Samsung's website to prove why heir phones are better than iPhones. Lol, zero credibility from a dwindling, endangered species.
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