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I was not aware of this, thanks. I'm going to look more into that.
I am referring to the credit rating, the FICO as core used by the credit bureaus. While not horrible compared to not paying your balance at all or letting your accounts go into default. It still does effect your score negatively when you pay off your full balance. This affects interest rates if you are buying a car or a home and can result in you paying hundreds or thousands of dollars more for those loans. It is best to always let your CC balances be at 15-20% of your...
All unauthorized charges I received using my BofA debit card have all been credited back to me promptly, along with any subsequent overdraft fees.
You do realize that is horrible for your credit rating?That's going to cost you more in the long run with higher interest rates because of the damage it does to your credit score.
And how much interest do you pay a year to earn that $400 cash back?
Seems like it may take a year or two, at least, to get all the legal issues worked out for Apple Pay before it really becomes main stream. It is one of the big selling points for me in getting a new iPhone, but think I'll wait for the iPhone 7 when this is hopefully all worked out and Apple Pay comes out of its growing pains. Not a big fan of the design of the 6 anyway. Gonna upgrade to the gold 5s.. Currently using the 4.
Except that any effort of research (a two minute search on Google) proves that marriage was established as a political tactic for tax and landowner reasons and had nothing to do with religion.
Is this going to affect the Watch? Could we see a release date pushed even later into the year?
Apple should (and could) become their own bank. They have more money than the U.S. Treasury and their security practices lately are outstanding. I would trust my money with Apple any day over BofA or the slimy credit card companies. Apple could take all the proceeds for transactions instead of having to rely on Visa and Mastercard to take their cut. I hope this is the direction Apple is taking. 
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