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The GOP high tech task force? They think the combustion engine is the most advanced technology out there. If they had their way, you'd wind up your computer engine to turn it on and it would emit a sputter of black smoke (or as they call it, freedom farts!) every time you sent an email (an email being loud clicking and beeping codes one would have to decipher). The idea of these people in charge of any policy to do with technology gives me a headache.
Does anybody remember the chrome backs of the iPods? These people don't know what a scratch is!
Still waiting on your response to what year you bought your first Apple product, and what it was. Are you really a part of the Apple family, or are you an invited guest?
What did you just say?
"missing that part of your brain today""Doesn't take a rocket scientist"Those are subtle personal attacks.and you really think that tracking and logging your running, swimming, biking, weight lifting, and actually any sport are "extremely limited uses?" These market segments are hot right now. So, no, they are not "extremely limited uses." I don't know of any supplier that requires you to have TWO devices on you at all times to get these benefits. The iWatch does.And in...
And here come the personal attacks. Lol. it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that I was implying that the current Watch is very limited, Dr. Nola. Obviously it will be a much better product in the future. And Steve Jobs grew and learned. He realized his mistakes and that opening up the iPod was the right thing to do. Releasing a phone with built in networking in this case would be the right thing to do. I'll wait a few updates to decide if I want the watch.
Fashion and design are very important to me too. Steve cared about utility *and* function incorporated into design. I think he would have made the Watch as an independent device with built in cellular antenna and wi-fi. That way, non- Apple customers could be brought into the eco system and it would have the halo affect. Cause right now, having to buy a brand new iPhone as well as the watch, I don't think Apple will be converting anybody to their side with it. 
I'm a fitness fanatic and I see the Jawbone UP3 at $150 as a far better investment. From what I've read the Apple Watch sport isn't even waterproof, what good is it for athletes then? I'm a triathlete and a swimmer. I suppose there will be water proof cases for the watch, with an additional $50+ dent to your wallet.  Yes, I'm sure a lot of people will buy it just to have it with no real need or use for it. But I'm a more discerning customer, and I will be passing on the...
Well since this is a fitness and health related post, those were the features I was referring too. Sorry for not making that more clear.
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