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Hello! I have a DVD of info that I burned in order to back up part of my system and was using it last week. I transferred it to another laptop where it's stayed until now, when I popped it back into my laptop. The Macbook will read any other CD or DVD (info based) that I stick in but not this one anymore. The other laptop never could read it to begin with (video files likely didn't work with the Windows laptop) so I don't know if other Macs can read it. Is it...
That was a very vague title but I don't know how to specify. I'm running 10.4.11 on a Macbook that I've had since mid-2006. Starting a couple of weeks ago the laptop slowed down drastically when trying to access anything on the internet. It hasn't improved. Superdrive Update 2.1, which for whatever reason opens upon starting up the computer every time, now closes due to an "unexpected error." The computer itself seems to hesitate a bit when opening small programs...
Running Disk Utility from the first installation disk did the trick, whew! Thank you to all who piped up.
Being a starving student I don't have the financial means with which to buy an external drive right now but as I type I'm backing up as much as I can with DVD's. A pain in the butt but better than nothing. When I boot with the installation CD (which is being couriered over) and repair the disc does that mean it's overwriting everything and restoring it to the default settings? In other words, will I lose what I've put on this computer?
Ah jeepers I so don't want to back my computer up, there's so little time in a day! Not to mention I wouldn't know how to do that if presented with that option. o.O This is the only reason I miss Windows - I actually could do that sort of thing, haha.
Dang, left that behind in my move (at my parents' place in another city). Thanks very much. Is there a risk of losing my information when I do that?
I always wondered what that was for. There's also an incorrect number of thread records, if that means anything. Thank you for getting me this far (a name to a problem helps!), is there a course of action that doesn't involve me taking this to another city for repair?
It's a Macbook \ Probably should have mentioned that. It's just odd as it's never done anything wrong and then...black screen.
I'm running Mac OS X. I've been using it for a year and 2 months and have never encountered a problem until just now. It shut down with half a battery to go! Is this what happens when it overheats? I have a widget that indicates it's 62 C right now which I can only assume is too hot. Any info on overheating and what it can do to my info would be greatly appreciated! Edit: To my hand, it doesn't feel paricularly hot which is what's throwing me a bit.
...I don't think I can thank you enough! THANK YOU!
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