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Hello, I got a new 24" iMac about a month or two ago, was pretty much as soon as they came out. I have updated all the software, by downloading each update file from university, as I am not connected to the internet at home yet. Recently programs have been freezing and making the computer crash. I decided when it happened this morning while trying to export a file to pdf using neooffice to make a note of the error log in the console in the hope that someone may have any...
Hi, when playing some videos and DVD's the top of the video goes distorted (forming a fuzzy, almost pixelated, line). It does the same thing whatever the size of the video, and in both quicktime and vlc. If anyone has any ideas of what is causing this and how to get rid of it I would be very greatful. BTW it is a 24" iMac, 2GB RAM, 256 Nvidia. Thanks
Hi, I have just received my 24" iMac, is very nice and big. I have a problem though in that I have installed windows, but it does not recognise my wireless keyboard and mighty mouse. I have used the latest version of boot camp and set it up a few times with a wired mouse to recognise the bluetooth keyboard and mouse but each time i restart into windows they don't work. If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful. Thanks
Gave Apple a ring this morning about changing shipping address, after a lovely phone call, a quick email (with driving license and utility bill scans) and a quick call this afternoon to check it has gone through I am happy to say that it looks like I no longer have a problem as they have kindly contacted UPS to change my delivery address Now I just have to wait till the 28th, still, better than waiting till sometime in October, which was what would have happened if...
I am actually in the UK. Apple is saying it is going to be sent via UPS, but after looking at their website extensively can't see how long they hold packages for after 1st delivery attempt, so am going to assume for now that it is 3 days like FedEx. Am planning to ring Apple first thing on Monday to try and sort something out, hopefully be able to get it delivered to my university address. Thanks for all your help people!
When you say have a friend/relative receive it for me are you saying to change the shipping address, because if that is possible now, I can change it to my uni address, but not sure if I will be able to change it now that it has shipped and probably has my home address written on it and the accompanying documents. Does anyone know if i can change the shipping address or not now its shipped? I do have neighbours I can trust, if i cant change the address can I say that...
err prob not. hmmm S**t. Now they have shipped it would it be too late to change shipment address. if not suppose there must be a way to say dont deliver it until xth October.
oh right, thanks for explaining that. I can't wait to get my mac now, although i I could have to wait a while as I'm off to uni on tuesday and then parents are going on hol on 23rd so unless by some miracle it arrives before 22nd I will have to wait till they get back which will be about the 3rd October
Got an email today saying mine has shipped. iMac due on 27th and nano and printer due on 26th (hopefully will come sooner). Does anyone know what merge in transit means? My iMac has that for how it was sent, while other two are through UPS. Can only track UPS ones at moment and they are coming up with cannot display page Hopefully everything will become clearer on Monday
I'm hoping (doubt it will happen, especially with my luck) that it arrives before the 19th even though it is "due" on the 28th as i am going back to uni on the 19th. Would actually be cool if it came while loading up the van, as long as it comes before i leave lol.
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