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Sorry Trav, I love the monitor but i got to turn it off by hand other wise it just does its cycle thing. Please let me know if you figure any thing out. -Chris
I have a brand spankin' new G5 tower (which replaced the 5 year old iMac), and life is good save for one little problem. I got a ViewSonic VX2025wm to go with it, and I cannot get the display to switch to standby mode when the power management wants to turn it off. Instead of politely switching the display off the monitor cycles through a frustrating "no signal" message. When I manually put the computer to sleep (via Apple Menu->Sleep) the monitor happily goes...
Don't you hate how you know these conversations never change anyone's mind, yet we post them anyway. Some sort of exercise in futility. Well, in an attempt to do my hone my debate skills(a.k.a. waste time at work), here is a reply.No imminent threat? I think a little more research into the reasoning behind this is needed. I do believe the reason for going in was because Iraq failed to meet the demands of the UN. Who had made repeated demands and then repeatedly backed...
Any info you could get would be wonderful...didn't figure I would have to be interviewing so that I coudl get someone to get me interviews. Thanks -- Chris
Suddenly being back into the search for a job I am looking for a headhunter for the Northern Virginia/DC Area. Having no success what so ever in directly applying with companys I am ready to turn to a headhunter. Any sugestions? (I am looking for software engineering or graphic design posistions.) Anybody know anything about kforce.com? Thanks, Chris
OK, problem solved. The AiO option was hidden in the pull down menu not listed under USB printers like I had thought. Even though it would find the printer there.
[quote]Originally posted by norfa: VT and Miami aren't playing so their out.
Thank God! Beamer better smack them a round good to get our boys out of their funk.
Hey guys, I have an HP PSC 750 AiO Printer, which worked just fine under 10.1, but dosent seem to want to work on Jaguar for me. i have downloaded the latest software ( version 4.6.3), which is supposed to support Jag. I ran the unsintall in both OS X and 9. And the install program runs just fine, however when I open the print manager to go to add a new printer I will not allow me to select my printer. It is sitting there on the list with the message "Driver not...
I about wet my self the first time I opened up term and typed in ncftp and had it start up. Any ftp program that allows you to have tab compleation in the server rocks in my book. [ 05-01-2002: Message edited by: fuzzymonk ]

I like capitan FTP... http://www.versiontracker.com/moreinfo.fcgi?id=12941&db=mac well, that and ncftp, but just makes some people cringe. I don't understand those people. Chris
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