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BofA sending this...   Followed by a ton of disclaimers and trademark text of course.
I have seen the "what about iad" comments come up in the online posts about trusting apple with your purchases and fitness data. I think Tim was reading some posts and decided to nip it in the bud before it got any bigger. He is going after Google big time with this you are the product mantra. I like it.
Not like I can connect to the upgrade servers right now anyway. Maybe I will wait to upgrade on this one. 
Apple could have avoided all of this by just making it free to download like they do the song of the week. They decided to go further and it backfired. Should have stuck with what works. I downloaded one song from the album. Didn't like the previews of the others. It is Ok to be thankful and want Apple to do better next time. 
 Some of that additional billion transistors had to go to a hardware block for H.265 encode / decode. There is no way they are doing that in software with an A8. 
 They didn't bother to mention that all of those features new to the iPhone side are being added securely with privacy in mind. That is pretty important to me. I would never you google wallet, but I don't have a problem with Apple Pay given how the service is architected. Same goes for a custom keyboard. That is something I would never load on Android unless I wrote it myself. First isn't all that counts. First with a good solution is what I care about. 
 All of their other events have worked flawlessly. Not sure what the hell happened this time, but they need to learn from it and I am sure they will. Stayed home to watch it on my Apple TV and was switching between that and my laptop on VPN to SJ when I could get a stream for any amount of time. Was sitting there watching some of Apple's live blog they had below the video. That was pretty nice. How they had the video as their homepage was awesome too. So they did a lot...
 I don't think Apple's protocol is what you think it is. It sounds like Apple is doing legwork upfront for when the card is added to the iPhone. I suspect the transitions are "normal" with a special card number and rolling security codes. I suspect the transaction will go through on any NFC terminal as long as the bank supporting the card supports the Apple Pay. They said you only need to be somewhere that supports the NFC symbol. The partners rolling it out are banks...
 I think you guys are looking at it wrong. Apple needed to maintain that $199 low end price. That larger screen with its fancy new technology and all the other crap they stuck in there drove the COGS way up. Shipping the 16GB allows them to sell that low-end with a better margin. Otherwise the low-end could do more damage and erode their margins further. Having the upgrade at $299 for 64GB is quite smart. Users get a usable amount of storage and the upgraded storage is...
 Plus they don't have to worry about trademark disputes worldwide. Everyone got on the iBandwagon so it is sort of cluttered up now anyway.
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