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 You are right. It was the Colonists and the French that kicked you out of the new world. ;) 
I think it was CNN and other "news networks" that caused it more. Once people wanted news from a talking head it didn't need to be intellectual. It was about showing video footage of disasters, fashion of celebs, etc. it was the equivilent of click baiting for channel surfers. Simply put it was the shortening of the American attention span.
I think the point was you can change your tier.
The article summary is wrong as the first two commenters posted. The government is going to eat everyone's lunch on this one.
 That is the system I have. It is pretty good, but it isn't exactly going to win a design award. Some things are too small like recent entries in the phone application. They pop up a tiny window with small items. Lets face it, I'm driving trying to call someone back. They should use more of that 8.4". It is certainly the best system I have had in a car, but it is also the newest. I do hope we see a CarPlay firmware update, but that is probably not going to happen. But I...
 I disagree with this. Take this latest one with Transmit. There were unwritten rules that conflicted with reality. It would be one thing if the SDK allowed what Apple suggested, but it didn't. In the end we are not all stuck with some bad decision. I'm quite sure Apple will continue to block apps that stay blocked. There have been things raised that didn't end in a change from Apple.  We can all agree that they should write down all of the unwritten rules and make them...
 The whole reason for the named plaintiffs is to be representative for the class isn't it? So far the class has not been represented by someone that falls within the class which seems to be a problem after a damn decade of legal proceedings. To me the decade to date was run by attorneys who were not representing the class and tainted the whole process.  Also, it seems really wrong that in hind sight the class status was granted by on a suite brought by people not members...
 I saw a report where some law professor said it could be allowed by the judge. I certainly hope that doesn't happen. It would seem that there is a problem in doing so. It isn't like one of them died and you wanted to replace their interest. What this means is that this entire case has been pushed and directed in the interest of people not in the class. To me that taints all of the proceedings to date as not in the interest of the actual class. The class was basically...
It gets worse...  So her husband's law firm purchased the iPod? Helping to find a class plaintiff? Or trying to manufacture evidence of being in the class? Someone should be going to jail over that. But, you know they won't.
I read they have until Monday to prove the other Plaintiff qualified.   http://www.siliconbeat.com/2014/12/05/apple-ipod-antitrust-case-thrown-into-doubt/
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