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 Some of them may already be internal. Cooks is one possible example. I know Google hires their Chef's and cafeteria staff directly. I would suspect Apple's Cafe Macs to be staffed by Apple employees given that there is certainly a trend for this specific job to not be outsourced, but I do not know.  ​I fully support this effort by Apple on corporate HQ security. 
 To be fair, the watches we were wearing almost all just told us the time. The feature phones that killed the watch could tell time. These watches are capable of monitoring us more than loose phones in our pockets and offer other conveniences such as Apple pay, glancing for rich content, not to mention the time. :)
The more I think about these Apple store changes for Apple Watch, the more I think you will not be able to buy Apple Watch Edition at a normal Apple retail store. I could see the flagship stores selling them, but not a normal (and small) mall store. The story about that upscale department store making space is much more what the clientele is going to expect for a retail experience for such an expensive purchase. A normal Apple store won't want the security required for...
 If they are using inductive coil for the unlocking communication, your car could power your watch enough to unlock the car even when your watch is dead.
Anyone know what time it is? I don't want to pull my phone out of my pocket to look. 
Apple would lead the market for a couple years with no new model. Just think what will happen if they try. Their short position must be in trouble.
 If anything, it would have been "Do you want to design iDevices for the rest of your life? Come with me and you can design rockets!"  SpaceX for the win!
 Something tells me they should be going for VC dollars and giving up some control. If they went all in and did this right, they could get the cost down significantly, up the specs faster, and expand their channels to market. They run the risk of getting knocked out of the market by someone targeting below Apple once the Apple Watch is out and proving that you can have a successful product in the space. I can appreciate them wanting to maintain control and sell to a niche...
 Exactly. This is Google driving down the value of Superfish so they can acquire it on the cheap. :)
It is pretty obvious that it is 3D mapping. They can use it for a better than Streetview service. They also can use this data for self driving cars in the future. No point jumping to the second conclusion directly. We should see street level 3D maps before self driving cars.
New Posts  All Forums: