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 I don't need to use the setting you posted. I don't login to Google on my main browser. There is no need to use their search engine.  Them being deceptive with the links was enough to ensure I never use their engine again. I have no concern for myself, but posted what they are doing for the benefit of others. 
 I don't think you saw what I was talking about. Perhaps you are using a browser other than Safari. Google will show you a search result like this on the screen and when you hover over the link. http://www.microsoft.com But when you click it, it changes the URL to something like...
 That is not freedom, that is hate.
 Especially if that is a fixed rate and we all know tomorrows dollars won't buy as much as todays.
 Google still does some stuff I consider very shady. They even tricked me with their search links and I do everything I can to avoid click through ads, etc. But on their main search page the links to the content look like they go direct when you hover over them. On mouse down they change the link to a google link that captures the click and then redirects you. It is just so deceptive since they are showing you that the link is direct and hijacking it when you click it. It...
 Read the Patent. http://appft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&u=/netahtml/PTO/search-adv.html&r=1&p=1&f=G&l=50&d=PG01&S1=(apple.AS.+AND+20150326.PD.)&OS=an/apple+and+pd/3/26/2015&RS=(AN/apple+AND+PD/20150326) It clearly outlines that this forced method of data collection is intended to be for user created reminders. 
 I suspect the subtle build up in the fashion world with perfectly executed events, advertisements, etc. comes back to her. It has all been done with a luxury brand level of taste that exceeds anything Apple had done before. Come April 10th and 24th, we will see even more of her hard work.
So you cannot have messenger integrated into the Facebook app, but you can integrate it into any other app. Mmmm Kayyyy...
 Would you do any different? You know some attorney is getting ready to file a class action over anything Apple does. ;) I do think this is better than them blocking 4K 60 altogether when it can meet some use cases.
 And if they keep doing display research, it will help for them to have more engineers closer to the manufacturers as they work on improvements to the related technologies. 
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