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 Apple is probably working a way to do that where you don't have to give your email to McDonald's or wherever you are. This is obviously an area for improvement, but giving out my email address is not the solution I want. I can wait for a private way to get receipts. Paper will work in the mean time. 
 I have been seeing quite a few of these comments about iPad and the camera. Apple doesn't guess about this stuff. They can look at the data. I'm quite positive they can run a query against iCloud and find out what devices are taking pictures, how many, etc. We know you can do this on flickr and that is just a subset of Apple users using that service.  Keep in mind that these iPad numbers are pretty damn strong for as crappy as the cameras have been as compared to the...
 Why stop there? war |wôr|nouna state of armed conflict between different nations or states or differentgroups within a nation or state: Japan declared waron Germany | the two countries had been at warfor six years.• a particular armed conflict: after the war, they immigrated to America.• a state of competition, conflict, or hostility between different people or groups: she was at war withher parents | a price war among discount retailers.• a sustained effort to deal with...
Another trumpeted up story to get clicks and desalinate Apple hate. Of course Apple's response proves that they once again they are concerned about privacy and did in fact design a pretty good system for users to be opted into by default. If what little this system does bothers you, opt out and shut up as it really isn't that bad.
The price drops on Macs and OS X improvements were major product changes. :) 
 I'm surprised they didn't go look in some windows while they were there. 
All this complaining that Apple only added Touch ID to iPad mini 3, but for Apple Pay to work on iPad mini 3 for in app purchases, they must of also had some Secure Element changes on that model as well. That is more than I can say for my 5S. 
 I believe the article is stating they are stored with the card network (MC, Visa, Amex).   
They obviously need to wait until their quarterly call. This should be awesome. :)
 It is somewhat worse than that too. The cable and satellite companies get the pricing they do because of the number of subscribers they bring to the table. Once people start cutting the cord, they will loose direct revenue as you mention, but they will also loose the strong bargaining position with the content providers. So their rates will likely increase which will make their packages even more expensive. Doh!
New Posts  All Forums: