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 The acquisition will be closed before this is settled. Bose will get in those deep pockets sooner or later.
 They said it was on the strength of the App Store.
 Swift can make it be a much easier transition for all those enterprise Java programers. It is really interesting to think that Apple had the creation of Swift on their todo list in part for getting deeper into Enterprise. There are obviously other benefits, but that is certainly looking at the chess board several moves ahead of the game.
It is not early for back to school by Apple's standards. Apple has already been running their promotion for the gift card deal this year.
 I really do think you are off base here. You also do not sound like someone firmly within the targeted demographic. The millennials put stickers all over their computers. You can even get your computer laser etched if you don't like stickers.  The glitch effect with the old logo was well done. The commercial was edgy because it was in your face weather you like stickers, the music, or not. It was all about the cultural expression that is shown by people decorating their...
 Keep in mind that this ad is really targeting Back to School sales (time of year and Macbook Air). It is very well done and targets that demographic phenomenally well. 
No. Magic Mouse has a small on and off switch like the one pictured in the filing.
I'm not sure he is correct in his phrasing. Bluetooth LE Beacons can transmit data in the beacon signal. There are many on the market that can do this. Apple's iBeacon data format does not really support that. It only sends two numbers and a beacon GUID. The numbers allow for relevant information to the app. You could have a beacon stuff real-time data in those fields, but I have not seen one that does that. They would normally be something like Store # and department in...
 Better late than never. It never made sense to me to limit it to iTunes and because of that I only tried it out, but now that it is going to be on Apple TV it will get some use.
I got an infraction for responding to someone's long and insightful comment with a "very well said". It seems I was too short and it was a meaningless comment. I told them they were rediculous and to delete my account. No regrets here.
New Posts  All Forums: