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The problem is that the growth of the App Store is not stable. It has been accelerating each quarter. Apple gives some stats when they hit milestones, but those are at the milestone and not quarter boundaries. I would not want to be responsible for reverse engineering those earnings, but I'm positive analyst will try. Of course most don't have a clue anyway.
 I think it will be near impossible. Pretty sure the iTunes and App Stores are in the same bucket.
 Have you not seen the comments from Cook that it is an area of intense interest?
It is a little odd, but I don't think it is saying you wore the watch for the entire hour for each one. Put watch on at 6:58. Stand, and then you get credit for standing at least one minute in the hour 6-7 even though you have had the watch on for three minutes. Not sure if that is exactly what it is doing, but that's my impression though use.
 And they should not be surprised that people will steal it as a result. They are fighting the new paradigms just as the music industry did. We will see who wins the next round.
 For all we know this was the plan all along. Surprise! Apple didn't publicly disclose their plans... I'm shocked. ;)
We do if you trust Tim Cook as he said it was.
 I didn't know the video was available in 4K and that the Mac lets me zoom in full resolution and move around. :) When the glass is all scratched up at the end there is a bunch of particles all over the glass. It looks like scratched up plastic. I can see scratching the glass, but the sandpaper removing glass from the scratch channels and building up on the surface of the glass? That just doesn't seem right. Also, the sandpaper is worn down in one spot to the paper. So it...
 Yeah, I knew it was that preview frame or whatever it is called and not in the video. My issue is that after the shenanigans with bending the iPhone 6 and him showing the fake watch for the preview of this video shows that he cannot be trusted. I don't care if he got real covers are not. I'm not believing anything from him at this point. I can wait for someone that is a little more trustworthy to do some tests after production units are available. It will be interesting...
New Posts  All Forums: