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I thought I read that Apple only charged the developers $1.
 He is saying they could have sold more if they had more available. I agree with his assessment.
 Read the article...  AppleInsider independently confirmed the bypass' validity in a series of tests.
 I agree with your comments on the designers. How about leaving the phones the current size for a while and giving us more battery? :)
 On the second item, you have no idea what you are talking about. Read the press release. It wasn't a quote from Phil, but it was in the release. See the comment and footnote. So they hit 50% of available device by the 19th. This doesn't even include the wave of devices about to release. Surpassing 50% of available devices is impressive and should be a larger number than what 50% was during every previous release given the expansion of devices capable and available to run...
Nice try, but you actually had to change the wrist setting from left to right.
 You wearing it upside down on your right wrist? Then it is the top left button. You either know which button is being referred to, or you don't have an Apple Watch.
 I think we all do that. I can understand people wanting to remove them to save space, but at least let us hide them in the freaking launcher. 
I just hope they keep selling the apple branded clothes and other items and keep it open to the public. 
 With the Apple data encrypted, does it really matter? They are not giving Russia access, just storing the encrypted data in a datacenter in Russia.
New Posts  All Forums: