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They obviously need to wait until their quarterly call. This should be awesome. :)
 It is somewhat worse than that too. The cable and satellite companies get the pricing they do because of the number of subscribers they bring to the table. Once people start cutting the cord, they will loose direct revenue as you mention, but they will also loose the strong bargaining position with the content providers. So their rates will likely increase which will make their packages even more expensive. Doh!
Let us revisit this discussion after Apple puts out their first Apple designed update. I'm guessing they can make a quality set of headphones at the current cost and margins.
 No it isn't. It is even more lame on Android since Android takes up more of that space than iOS. :)
 The "over the top" is cloud speak for you connecting directly to the cloud service.  Stand alone and current partners probably means being able to buy HBO GO from Apple and streaming it to AppleTV. It may mean buy HBO GO from HBO directly and stream it to AppleTV that way. It just comes down to who you have to pay. Maybe the cable companies are going to start selling it stand alone. So you could perhaps buy it from TimeWarner without a cable package. I can see a model...
 More importantly Apple should not have been surprised by the bankruptcy filing. GTAT should have been trying to renegotiate with Apple in good faith. Apple wouldn't be bound to do that, but it would have been in their best interest to keep the plant and progress going at this point. If Apple really didn't get the opportunity to help with some relief, that will not look very good for GTAT.
There is going to be lots of office space available in Cork.
A second and different token will put the money into the same account.
I suspect that some hesitation is the loss of transaction information. With the swipe cards they know who you are. Pretty sure with Apple pay they won't.
 I think you are confusing a few things. Apple Pay will work as a "card present" transaction. Today, "card present" transaction liability falls on the issuing banks. "Card not present" transaction liability typically falls on the merchants. So liability has not changed on the same class of transaction under Apple Pay. The real story was that Apple Pay was to be considered "card present". That story came and went and then this liability stuff popped up, but it was already...
New Posts  All Forums: