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How is this sticking it to Apple? Sounds more like they are sticking it to SBB. Or simply put, that SBB is getting what they pay for.
 The whole point of Rockstar is for it to operate independently. 
 What some people don't realize is that for you to give this information to a few close friends or your spouse as in the example, you must also share your location with Facebook. No Thanks!
 Thanks for posting. I have been using Bing to stay away from Google and was missing those features. I had heard that Yahoo was using Bing as the backend, but didn't even consider they could have added this stuff on top of it. 
 Of course someone in the US isn't going to want to pay $800 USD for an iPhone 5C with 8GB.  Take a look at Norway. They also just got the iPhone 5C 8GB. The price is 4.490,00 Kroner. In that price is 899,00 MVA (TAX). So pre-tax it is $601.12 USD at the current rates. "If" they even sold that phone in the US, Apple would probably put it at $499 given the 4S sitting at $450. So there is likely about a $100 USD difference value in the actual price of the phone. Considering...
Why does this article exist? It tells us what we already know. Every car manufacturer out there has crappy packages to hide the features you do want with a bunch that you don't want so they can jack up the average retail price of their cars. Is this at all surprising? This is exactly what Cable companies do with programming as well. 
 Unsubsidized prices and they include tax. 
In Sweden it is 500 kronor not krona.
They should be scared about the low-end Chinese vendors expanding and taking the highest volume segment away from Samsung. If that happens (which it is very likely) then Samsung won't have the high-end or low-end and will get squeezed on both sides. They would end up with mid-tier and high-end Android with moderate but shrinking volumes as they saturate their addressable market with BOGO offers on the top models.
 You can see 5 on the front. The assumption is that there is still one on the back.
New Posts  All Forums: