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 I think he is trying to get some idiot on capitol hill (plenty there) to make an inquiry into this and get a concession or two out of some larger players to just make it go away. If he is paying some lobbyist enough, he may well get something for his trouble regardless of how dumb it is.
 Microsoft does make hardware that runs Windows and even more that will run Windows 10 (Phones and Surface).  They are only giving the upgrade free for the first year. We don't know what they will do after the first year. We can rest assured they will charge for Windows 10 for new systems. They need to keep people from leaving their ecosystem. Giving the free upgrade is almost like an apology that they had lost their way and that this free upgrade will try to win back the...
 Where are you seeing that? This is the text from Microsoft's site. The * footnote is just about compatibility, etc.  I read that as it will be free if you upgrade within the first year that Windows 10 is on the market. If you wait until after that first year, you will have to pay. Once you get the free upgrade, it will be free for the supported lifetime of the device it is running on.  Not sure where you are getting the subscription fee from. Looks like they will have a...
 Just because it doesn't make sense for Apple to change the processor in the Mac Pro doesn't mean they won't do it in a laptop. While you can argue they will loose compatibility with software that runs on the Mac, they could gain compatibility with everything in the App Store for iPhone/iPad. Apps on the Mac App Store would likely need minor tweaks and a rebuild with a newer version of Xcode if Apple does as it has before to ensure a smooth transition. Apple would have...
 The Apple patents used against Samsung were not standards essential. You see, there are two standards and not a double standard. Apple is saying Ericsson's patents are not actually SEP even though Ericsson pledged them as such. As part of this it will need to be determined if they are actually required to implement LTE. If they are, then a rate will need to be determined that is fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory. Charging a percentage of the final product for SEPs...
I guess he was not afraid that the phones would bend. 
 Found this on macrumors. Sure looks like that part of the UI and it is in color. 
 I have seen pictures of this watch with the icons on the face in color like this one. Although after further inspection, it looks like it may be a printed screen protector overlay like Apple has done in the past. So it may well not be color. I thought it was because of this image until I looked closer. 
 It is probably apps on your phone that are spamming you though the watch APIs.
As others have pointed out, Apple was probably honoring thier iTunes Connect holiday freeze period. Hopefully we can stop hearing about this movie now.
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