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I wonder how many future phones will be bought outside of CA just to take this control away from the state. They could have simply mandated the option being there without mandating activation. Does anyone know if there is an opt-out option when you buy one? I could really care less about the issue, but I am more concerned about the mandatory inclusion of a kill switch controlled by someone other than the user. 
Not sure why AI put that in the title. It reads like a quote, but the actual post said nothing about an iWatch.
I like that first drawing showing a touch screen Mac. ;)
 Good it isn't just me that thinks that the first Friday after the proposed unvieling date isn't the 19th that AI mentioned.
I don't think it would make sense for this release to be to "help investors" as the article is proposing. If the stock pulls back, Apple will help investors by buying back more shares.
If they throttle your speed, that sets a lower data download capacity for the billing period. If you slow it down it is not unlimited as it is in fact being limited. If they did not throttle you, you could have downloaded more. Simple answer is that they stop calling it unlimited.
Next, they can build a large wooden badger...
 The acquisition will be closed before this is settled. Bose will get in those deep pockets sooner or later.
 They said it was on the strength of the App Store.
 Swift can make it be a much easier transition for all those enterprise Java programers. It is really interesting to think that Apple had the creation of Swift on their todo list in part for getting deeper into Enterprise. There are obviously other benefits, but that is certainly looking at the chess board several moves ahead of the game.
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