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 I agree with the general sentiment, but this is an analyst that is actually doing their job. Looking at these forward commitments is at least related to what Apple expects. 
 Looks like they mean to use it as "off-balance sheet", but with the space between balance and sheet it does look incorrect.  
 If Cook said the numbers, they would just argue it was channel fill. ;) 
I am well aware of what is in the specifications. List up the card issuers in the U.S. that are going to issue Chip and PIN cards to people here. You make it sound like they are just choosing to default to signature and PIN is somehow an option. I understand it is a valid option, but it will not be used here.What this means is that the card terminal requirements are substantially different. We will not be seeing the wireless terminals brought to your table in restaurants....
McRight's father must be a class action lawyer who is creating a class.
 Take it a step further... 15,000,000 x $349 (cheapest model) = $5,235,000,000 Most companies would wet themselves for achieving greater than $5 Billion in revenue for a new product line in 6 months...
All the talk in this story and thread about the US moving to Chip and PIN is wrong. The US is moving to Chip and Sign. Why in the hell we cannot just go to Chip and PIN baffles me. Anyway, all that is going to do for us is prove that the card was in the terminal at the time of purchase. It leaves out the critical part with the PIN to prove you are authorized to actually use the card. I have a Chip and PIN card from living overseas and I really liked them bringing the...
 If you use safari and trust the site you are using flash on, you can set the site to always use flash and have it disabled for all other sites. Safari -> Preferences -> Security -> Allow Internet Plug-ins [x] -> Website settings Some sites won't load their HTML equivalent if flash is disabled for some reason, but you can enable the Developer menu in Safari and tell Safari to advertise it is an iPad, iPhone, etc when that happens. I have one site at work that they just...
 You are concerned about them protecting us as a target. The real point is to not do things that make us a target to begin with. The ounce of prevention is wholly misplaced.
It is hard for these concerns to not come across wrong. They are adding 300 jobs to such a small town and yet it appears the hands are still out. It is all pretty minor stuff, so none of it looks like it will stop it as Apple can easily make the required improvements. In the end it will be better for the suggestions. I'm also all for the suggestion of adding a Pub to the project. :) 
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