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I said look like and not they are. The colors of the blobs look like the edition gold colors and not stainless. Plus those would be edition customers. I will have to look at the watch she got. Pretty sure if Mr Ive brings you an edition watch and let's you choose a band, it will be an edition band. Check he Instagram as there is a couple more pics and comments.
I don't think those are $49. They look to be Apple Watch Edition sport bands with gold pins.
 Sure looks like a blue sport band... Must be heavily photoshopped.
 Looks like the reflected light and colors makes it look like it is sticking out crooked. Also, the dude put the lower band piece on backwards. 
 I used one of the display watches in the store. I know that is not real world, but damn it was pretty nice. Silky smooth and a very clean experience. It seems ready for primetime. Not to mention most if any issues would usually be fixed by an update around public release anyway. Not like the celebs are going to bitching about their free watch on twitter. ;)
 I agree completely with this. It was obvious from the pre-order they anticipated way more 38mm models than they should have. Some of them are still 4-6 weeks.
OS X Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) OS X Morro Rock OS X Mt Whitney  OS X Sierra Nevada 
 They all need to learn morse code to tap to each other with the taptic engine. :)
 You are assuming both solutions are of equal efficiency in processing light. Yes, the larger lens and sensor can capture more light on the surface of the sensor. The point that you are overlooking is that a solution with multiple smaller sensors may be able to use the light more efficiently than a traditional single sensor setup.  I will wait and see what the actual quality is for myself before judging, but I cannot rule out the possibility that an array of sensors could...
 If you really mean that, then don't look at what other tech companies have development centers in Israel. You will feel bad using about anything that plugs in and connects to the internet. 
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