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I couldn't be happier with my AirPort Extreme. It works extremely well. Actually, there is one thing...QoS. With more and more people switching to VoIP, we need some way to keep voice traffic prioritized over everything else. And the AirPort Extreme doesn't allow for that.
A friend of mine bought an iPhone 4S last week and it had this issue. He replaced it, and now his replacement works fine. This seems like the kind of problem that you would probably notice within a day or two of buying the phone, so most people experiencing this issue should have the opportunity to swap out the defective phone.
Anytime I plug my iPhone into my car stereo (a JVC deck with USB input) my iPhone pops up a message asking me to download a useless JVC app.
The comparison chart on page 1 indicates that the MBPs have IPS screens. This is incorrect. Apple has never released a laptop with an IPS screen.
This is ridiculous. Wireless providers are getting FAR too greedy.
Correction: None of Apple's current laptops feature IPS screens.
I'm pretty disappointed by MobileMe. I set it up for a client of mine a few weeks ago, and she hated it so much that she had me switch her back to her old e-mail system (a hodgepodge of POP, IMAP, and Microsoft Entourage). After trying everything I could to keep her on MobileMe, I quickly came to the realization that it's just not ready for primetime. 1) It's super buggy. You'll be reading your e-mail and all of a sudden the entire page will reload. 2) You can't...
The nice thing about being a wireless subscriber in Canada is that Bell and Telus, the two main competitors of Rogers, will be implementing their own HSPA network within the next 2 years. Which means, we'll be able to take our iPhones and hop over to another carrier if we're unhappy with Rogers' prices. Then again, I'm pretty happy with what I have now. I'm on the $17.50 EPP, with $30/6GB data plan. Can't complain!
Not a chance.
Thanks for the tip, but a client/server setup wouldn't work for us. We need these machines to be completely self-sufficient, and we don't want to have to set up accounts for every user because there are more than 5,000 users that can potentially use the machines.
New Posts  All Forums: