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My thoughts exactly.
With that logic all i need to do is disable all my plug-ins and my browsing experience magnificent heck, if i dont use my browser at all it will never crash
Im all for open source blah blah blah... But 10 years til html5??? Really apple?...
Dont hate the player, hate the game
Camera or it will be doa. Blame this on the rumor mill.
This could go on forever and probably will... On one side we have Republicans who are basing decisions on opinions, fear of the unknown and Ideology. On the other side we have democrats basing decisions on numbers, examples from around the world and reality. No one really knows how things would turn out if we had a public option but based on the decision making process above, i will go with the latter. Contrary to what someone posted early in this thread, there...
and that is why RIM is where they are and Palm is not Hopefully Palm is spending this time playing retard by creating their own syncing app.
The man is certainly ill.
For the 100th time, add DVR and I'm sold....
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