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absorootrey frivorus!
I patented the "click" sound your mouse makes. Lawsuits to follow shortly....
Now I hope this all just goes away....
The ipod dock on top design sucks. You cant put it on a shelf without clearance and toting this thing around with your ipod sticking out of the top is out of the question. Apple needs to design speaker system that has a front loading feature so the ipod is displayed on the face of the speaker and also functions as the navigation system.
Note to myself: Make friends with folks working at the Santa Clara County Fire Department as well as the California Water Service Co. Chances they had to sign non-disclosure forms very unlikely.
I dont understand the music industry. They are so protective over digital downloads and the DRM that keeps them from being traded when CD's are both the highest quality and sooo easy to rip/encode/trade. Why all the attention to digital downloads and not CD's?
Then could you please do us a favor and buy a damn 5G already...EDIT: sorry oneof52, I now see you beat me to it.
I swear, these guys are building a circle around me. every time I see a new Mac store popping up I get all excited that it may be closer and less of a walk to my house. Alas, this one is no closer then either of the other two. They need to build one in Union Square!!!
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