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so if my old iphone locks up after switching to the new phone how will one access this function?...
so what about the huge section of the web that is flash based (like my own website)?will it just be ignored?Will I need to produce a new website in a different app just so it can be viewed on an iPhone?they are not only screwing adobe but a huge amount of people who chose flash as a platform for their websites.I am all for open source but this is going to cost a lot of people a lot of time, money and resourcesin a way the same thing can be said about Flash. the code is...
so what happens to my family plan when i get the new 3G and my wife stays on the old EDGE iPhone?
I just want to know if my current edge plan is going to go up if i dont buy a new phone. Will this affect current iphone users who dont upgrade to the new phone?
it boggles my mind why apple keeps ploping down stores in relatively odd places and completely ignores the union square area, a college/youth Mecca in NYC ...?
So its a popularity meter?
I agree. So what is Digg? a place where there are threads about threads?Whats wrong with the original tread? can I not talk about it there?One of the most useless web items ever imho.Can you Digg on a Digg? if not whats the point?
Why would this be an issue? The two boxes would connect to each other. Apple isnt making a cable receiver. You need both. I think this is possible...
Nothing like stating the obvious But I guess without articles like this many on Wall Street wouldn't have a clue.
I believe they are showing the Open GL (3D) capabilities on the phone.
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