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I WOULD BUY THIS TODAY! love to get rid of my tivo.
If I remember correctly, you will also be able to get apps via iTunes.
good question. anyone have an educated guess?
Apple is producing special "MTV Unplugged" like concerts that are exclusive to iTunes. Nothing to do with more traffic in the retail stores and everything to do with more traffic to the iTunes store.
Translation: We wanted a totally open iphone but instead we sold out once apple showed us the money
DVD's use mpg4
The problem with the boom box is the docking on the top. Looks absolutely ridiculous, forces you to have clearance over top (cant put on shelf) and makes it completely unportable. A flip door on the front that locks the ipod in place but allowing access to the controls would be more logical.
Very nice. Been waiting for some good platform games...
Add DVR (tivo like) and streaming video via itunes and it will take off.
This will actually make it easier for people to pirate their shows. With apps like Cosmopod and Miro lifting videos from the web is a snap. At least from itunes they were actually getting some cash for it. THANKS NBC
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