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That and they want to charge more for it.
While I understand your sentiment, what you are saying in your post is still illegal (at least here in the US). I would keep the torrent info to yourself and just live with the satisfaction that you wont be bullied by the media greedies
Dont hold yer breath on the torrent thing DVR on the other hand would be fantastic. Love my tivo but with apples record on ease of use and functionality, I would trade my tivo for an apple tv with DVR in two seconds.
Ill guess that half the gain in after hours will be lost shortly after the opening bell.
already done- http://money.cnn.com/2007/10/22/tech...ings/index.htm quote- These sales figures came in a bit below what Caris & Co. analyst Shebly Seyrafi was expecting though. In a research note before Apple's results were released, he wrote that he was projecting sales of 1.4 million iPhones and 11.5 million iPods in the quarter.
http://money.cnn.com/quote/quote.html?symb=AAPLi believe there is a delay so anyone know of real time quotes please enlighten me
That makes no sense. If this is a mobile keypad one would assume that it is to be used with a laptop. Which would be kinda useless seeing as it would be extra hardware to carry as well as being the same size and missing the same keys as the keyboard that the laptop comes with. What are the benefits?
Graphic users also need the numeric keypad for some apps. After Effects and Maya to name a few. Actually Maya is almost unusable without the home key readily available.Definitely a negative not having the numeric.
Sounds like they have a case to me.
Please explain how my tax dollars are involved..... ??? If you are referring that my tax dollars are to be spent prosecuting this indevidual so that he may be removed from the streets then I say money well spent.
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