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I don't think Apple gives a rats ass if people unlock their phones. They have to say something negative about it or else it would seem as if they are condoning it. I also don't think they care if those unlocked phones no longer function correctly. If you hack your phone its no longer under warranty and no longer apples problem. Breaking your phone is not considered a "bug".
I am so pissed that I have nothing to whine about any more
True, but on what grounds?
The return button is your friend
The ironic thing for me is that Im not all that upset about the price cut after buying an iPhone the first day (I knew the risks) but am instead still shocked at the microscopic video storage space on the new "touch" after waiting so long for it to be released. Go figure
Sounds like a very expensive iPod accessory.
When the original "video ipod" was released the leaked ads and promos reflected the new larger screen.
"The beat goes on" was a Sonny & Cher song and the ipod on the invitation is NOT widescreen...
While having both Treo and iPhone experience under my belt, I would say this review is quite accurate. I have not had much experience with other "smart phones" but this article speaks very true of comparison to these two phones.
The new iPod nano wont be a "wider" version but a "shorter" version. It just looks wider. So the new nano will be about 3/4 the height of the old nano. This of course is based strictly on the circulating photos...
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