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ITS ALIVEEE thanx soooo much it works now, no issues at all. A ram stick was incorrecctly seated.
maybe this could help ya out, found it out of curiosity http://filext.com/detaillist.php?extdetail=AL
wow thanx guys finally somewere to start.
It today it gave me a warning message when a dark gray layer came over my screen and then said "You need to restart your computer now, hold down the power switch for a few seconds." So, with all the other issues im having that got me worried, offer me some help please, my issues have been when i first got it, it booted up to a black screen then fixed after a few tries then it would restart every so often now the OS restarted unexpectedly. HELPPP
YES its me again and i have a few more questions i could use help on my imac starts up at 19 celsius usually, after about 10 minutes goes up to 25. Thankfully it stays around 32 for most of the use but by the time its been on for 8 hours or so its up at 46 celsius. could this be normal or is this something i should have looked at? BTW it is a 20'' core 2 duo imac ordered from california with two gigs ram and the 256 ATI card.
see its wierd now it hasnt done it at all, when it did turn off once today, it was only when i plugged a camera into the usb port. it runs at a 32 average and gets up around 45 after extended use.
not exactly every half hour but it tends to be around that time, right now it is running for a while, and i thought it might be when im doing something like gaming but it takes pretty much the same amount of time when i am.
this imac arrived early last week and was sent into repair that day due to apparently a "hard drive issue" it wouldnt boot, just got a white screen with no indication of going any further then that, so i get my computer back yesterday and am just happy to have it here and then guess what? another problem. After about a half hour of usage it just turns off...but heres the strange part, it will turn off except i can hear the hard drive going, just not see nor hear the game...
just because they take the same stance in buisness as apple doesnt mean we have to like them O.o
If we can think of this why not intel, it would take a little more to scare intel, I mean they do realize how much success apple has gained because of them. I dont think they are worried at all.
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