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That's not quite what she said. Ready to admit you are wrong?DID PALIN ACTUALLY SAY THAT IRAQ IS "A TASK . . . FROM GOD"?So then you reply where you say "Wow mydo I just watched the video and you're right. Palin was misquoted."I wont hold my breath.
Kinda funny how this thread get derailed with it's shown that the original premiss is off base.
I was talking to a guy at work that has a Touch. He was shocked at how good google maps work by just using wifi. Of course you have to be a place with enough hot spots to triangulate off of. In those places you often know where you are anyway. HTH
Here I'll pile on.... Farmers have been bailed out all along. Come to think of it why not mortgages? It actually helps more people in the end than a auto/airline/farm bailout.
In no order ... Party Judges Church/State Iraq Abramoff et. al. Homeland Security Issues
After doing some reading of my own I find the treasury has said it will buy 5 billion in securities from fannie.U.S. Seizes Mortgage GiantsNow we just have to squabble about if a $5B buy and $200B in backing is "too expensive".
Then someone else could argue about what "expense" means. Does it mean actual dollars or does it mean the cost of taking on risk that has to be payed off if the company fails. Taking on risk is an expense.
I know I know it's the Wall Street Journal. When it comes to financial reporting the WSJ is second to no other daily news paper.For your education.Fannie Mayhem: A HistoryLook at this from 2002 Fannie Mae Enron?
These are tax payor backed institutions. If they fail We pay for it. Palin is correct sorry to say.
Is it at all possible that Cuba and Venezuela were trying to score cheap political points?
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