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At least you can play it on your MBP. And yes my fan is going crazy.On My Macbook 1.83Ghz, Core Duo, 2GB, Portal blinks while loading because of the Intel GMA 950 for a graphics display. SUCKS!!!
"but half life 2 is a great game and i hope all who play it have a great time." well said screamingfist.....
FYI everybody,,,,,,, They will release HL2 AND Episodes 1 and 2 tomorrow!!! Man, I cannot wait that long to download all 3!?!?!? Oh and yes, screamingfist, lighten up man! This is exciting news for all Mac Heads!
Back when the Orange Box came out on PC i bought for $24.99 at BB. Came with HL2, HL2 Episode 1 and 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2. My old PC could only play HL2 and HL2 Episode 1. The rest of the bundled software(episode 2, Portal and TF2) my graphics card couldn't handle. Have played Portal on my iMac mid 2006(Intel Core Duo) with no problems. Used Crossover Games on my iMac but it was kinda of a pain(would lock up sometimes. Thanks Steam, Valve and Steve!!!...
Am I losing my hearing or did new upgrade do this? Anybody else notice this? I don't mind actually is kinda nice since I like using the click sound. Had to check my iPod music and speaker level normal.
I can't attach an image to illustrate my problem but instead of readable text a get gibberish text on some websites and even on iTunes 9. What could be causing this?
does anyone know if I can upgrade from an upgrade? HAVE HAVE WANT CS2 full version > CS3 design premium upgrade > CS4 production premium upgrade.
Adobe Customer Service didn't help me squat! I bought CS2 Standard Full Version years ago. Upgraded to CS3 Design Premium. Want to upgrade to CS4 Production Premium because it has After Affects. My silly question is can I go (CS2 Full version > CS3 upgrade > CS4 upgrade?) or has to be (CS2 Full version > CS4 upgrade?)
why does my input for headphones light up red? and volume control doesn't move it shows a no symbol (ghostbusters)?
(USED) Apple Macbook Laptops $639.00 Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Gig CPU, 1 Gig Memory, 80 Gig hard drive, 13.3" TFT LCD, Combo DVD & CDRW, Leopard OS, Wireless, Bluetooth, Battery & Adapter, Office 2008 Software.
New Posts  All Forums: