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thinking of getting this but would like macuser opinions Intel duo Core CPU 1 Gig Memory 60 Gig hard drive 13.3" TFT LCD with built in Web Camera Combo DVD Player & CD Burner Built in Wireless UsB & Firewire Ports AC Adapter Has Leopard OS, Office 2008 loaded 6 Month Warranty new battery will be installed because of battery recall. thanks.
check macmall. they have a MBP 15" for 1299.99 after $200 mail in rebate. its got the nvidia chip 128 but this one is not the unibody MBP with the black screen though. happy hunting.
can an electronics store sell you a macbook if they don't have the installation discs? it also has CS3 installed but no discs?
this place is selling probably the 5-16-06 macbooks. They posted last time that they had about 20. I went and payed them a visit. they are selling these with Leopard, MS Office 08. When I looked at "about this mac" and went to applications I found that it also has installed CS3 Premium!!! Now, drumroll! no osx discs, no ms office 08 discs and no CS3 discs. Can they sell these like this. This may not bother some of you but I'm the kind of person that likes the proof.you...
these are my present settings putting the computer to sleep? set to never. putting the display to sleep? set to 5 minutes putting the hard disk to sleep? i have this box checked. what is the norm?
back in august when i was looking to buy a mac(my first), apple store employee told me that i'd be better off without the glossy because i think colors wouldn't be true(i think it applies to graphic designers) plus i think it's online request only.
What can brown do for you?
• macsolutions.com • memorysolutions.com • ramjet.com • macsales.com • crucial.com check these out to see if they help. With the exception of crucial which the link is found here at yours truly appleinsider.com, the others were on the back of my MacWorld mag. On another note check out raindesigninc.com they have a cool base for the iMac for stability since Apple didn't have children in mind and I have 3, it helps to know that my (precious) is a little bit safer....
try these: macsolutions.com memorysolutions.com ramjet.com macsales.com crucial.com some or all may have ram for the Core 2 Duo. I'm also researching but for Core Duo.
gooooooooood one
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