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my mac brothers, you guys rock. thanks for the reassurance. Maybe in five years or so when apple comes out with the "Minority Report"(Tom Cruise) look-a-likes I'll buy one.
purchased my 20" intel iMac aug. 10th i think and all this talk is depressing me people. I've been working with macs for a while at work but pc at home. my first purchase was around august 5th, the new 17" MBP. heard of WWDC and returned it. for the same price that i spent i bought the iMac and Adobe CS2 which runs kinda slow on 512mb. too late to return this one.
looks like my imac finally connected to my neighbor's secure router through a dlink repeater, but when i click on safari(it tells me i am not connected to the internet)its driving me crazy. my network shows an IP, mask and gateway i think. its a strong signal. i have a pc and laptop connected fine, but can;t seem to get a mac connected.
just got adobe CS 2. I have heard talk that because its running on the new Intel it would run somewhat slow. I don't think I could have waited for CS 3. I only have 512mb would 512 more or even a whole gig help some?
Just bought the 20" iMac Intel Duo Core for $1,614($85 off original $1,699 price) from them. They had an instant 5% off until the 12th but you never know, they could extend it maybe for school. Plus they were offering 24 months no interest on purchases over $799 I think.
i finally connected butt now I can't open up with Safari.
we have a dell laptop and pc tower w/motorola card that both connect wirelessly through our neighbors secured network. i bought my iMac today and immediately picked up the signal. I put in the password but wouldn't let me connect. Do I need that spaceship-looking airport base? please help.
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