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 Despite? DP1 of Mountain Lion was seeded February 16, and the final was released July 25.
You can turn it off in Settings.
  You can set it to not keep messages, then it won't download them. You will see the list of e-mails, but it won't download them.     What? That't totally wrong. On my IMAP accounts I can see every single message in every folder.
Apple doesn't care about enterprise, and their Enterprise department was slashed a few years back when they also dumped the Xserve.
No, but I wouldn't be surprised if some version of AppRadio will be compatible.
It's local on the phone and can be turned off.
Why?   What the in-dash system can do (and what buttons those features require) when an iPhone isn't connected to it isn't Apple's problem.   They even show a standard in-dash system in their demo.
The articles on AI about this all write about iOS in the Car as hardware. Daniel even speculates if it means that Apple will let others make iOS hardware.
They are.   iOS in the Car is not Apple hardware in the car. It is getting iOS from your iPhone onto the car's existing screen. That's why the Home button is there: it's to use the screen's built-in features when an iPhone isn't connected.   AI is totally wrong about this.   The very first paragraph at apple.com about iOS in the Car even says so:   "OS in the Car seamlessly integrates your iOS device — and the iOS experience — with your in-dash system. If your vehicle is...
It's your profile that needs to be updated - not the apps.
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