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If you have a Mac, you can use Photostream to automatically copy the photos to iPhoto and then turn off iCloud backup of photos.
  A push notification is a push notification.   Apple doesn't have to change anything in the notfication system to support RSS feeds - it already supports the functionality you want.   Your problem seems to be that you want Apple to make an RSS Feed Manager (iFeed).   They had two, and neither worked very well.
The Notification Center would be a terrible RSS reader if you have more than a few feeds, and checking subscribed feeds is the exact opposite of getting things pushed.   Someone could write a service that takes RSS feeds and pushes them to your Mac.     They are probably more likely to know who get the RSS feeds.
You can still manage your giant collection in a whole window. Now even without the blue Collections sidebar.
  But he also doubled it in the first place.
There was a developer program back then - ADC predates Mac OS X, and developers got DP1-4 before the Public Beta was released.
I don't think that iOS7 is used in official promo pics.
  It was announced in the keynote. New versions for Mac and iOS later this year.
  It's available on other iOS devices.
Chrome does not have Java built in. You're probably using the Apple supplied Java 6 on your computer.
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