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Wii: 99 million   PS3: 77 million   Xbox: 76 million
The first seeds of 10.9 should be here soon. 10.8 was first seeded in February last year.
  That's for Apple Store (store.apple.com/uk) where you pay local tax (or Irish tax if it's a service).   App Store and iTunes Store are not the same as Apple Store.
?   Isn't the standard UK rate 20%   iTunes prices in Europe include 15% VAT (Luxembourg).
Apple!   And what do you mean by "Still no calendar from Apple - Stuck at iCal 4.0.4. A search on iPad at App Store led to hundreds of others - not one from Apple."?
The maps are server based. Fixes doesn't need a new release, and I've seen lots of fixes around here where I'm located.
If there weren't any bugs in a point release, the next wouldn't be necessary.   They found a bug in 10.8.2 that they wanted to fix before 10.8.3. Would you rather wait?.
Uhm, he's just guessing.   We don't know if it was supposed to be released on the 14th.
It's not possible to get an app on AppleTV without involving Apple.
  It's not gone. You just have to swipe the list name. It made deleting item easier since you can now swipe to delete on an item.
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