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It's a fix for this: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4148
He never said that they couldn't make it work on a 7-inch screen. Most apps have different UIs when running on iPhones and on iPads - optimized for the screen size. What he said was that Apple didn't want to introduce a third UI optimized for 7-inch screens (more work for the app developers), which means that a 7-inch iPad would either upscale the iPhone UI (ugly and with very big buttons) or downscale the current iPad UI. Downscaling the current iPad UI wouldn't work very...
He was talking about downscaling the iPad UI. iPhone apps usually have a different interface made for the smaller screen, and Apple didn't want to add a third interface.
That image is appears when you click on the Store button from within the Videos app. Click on Library and you will be taken back to the Videos app.Your videos are NOT in the iTunes app.Try and double click the Home button when you're in iTunes. Videos should be in the list that appears.
Bad example! Oracle is arguing that it IS like Java
And in what year will they stop announcing new phones when the previously announced phones haven't even been released yet?
Yes, because giving end users the choice of not sending data to the publisher is bad.
Did Apple remove it or did FT? Since app.ft.com is available it might as well could be removed by FT.
No spin. iOS is increasing it's market share in an increasing market. "iOS falls even further behind Android in market share" would be spin. Android is doing better but that does not mean that iOS is going down.
New Posts  All Forums: