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You're mistaken.
It will probably be the same as the release version - that's the point of naming it GM. As far as I remember, only the first Intel version of Mac OS X had a GM2. Since Apple can release delta updates, it will be easier to release a small 10.7.1 update than making new images for the Macs on the assembly line.
ARD works fine if you run the correct version
And Final Cut Pro - even the versions you like.
No, they said fall, and the website says fall.
Drivers for 2840 are included in Snow Leopard.
Looking for people with experience in one area does not mean that they aren't working on other stuff - especially when they already have people writing web apps and just completed a rewrite of the existing apps. I can't see the point in rewriting the Mobile Me apps (Jobs even mentioned that in the keynote) and migrating to CalDAV while they were building a new data center for iCloud if the aren't supposed to be used for iCloud too.
And that update was released a while ago
That's Software Update - try /Applications/Utilities/Java Preferences.app
And it's also used for supporting Exchange server tasks which iOS didn't do before.
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